How companies in the UK can create a successful remote work culture

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While the vaccine rollout gives us hope for returning to normalcy, certain things will remain unchanged forever. If we observe the workspace culture in hindsight, we can see business businesses adopting a hybrid working style with flexitime schedules. Initially, when the lockdown happened, the whole idea of remote working seemed foreign to some companies. Still, now people have begun to experience the real benefits that remote work offers. 

Remote work culture in the UK

positive effects of working from home

According to ONS statistics, only 8.7 million people, i.e., less than 30% of the UK’s workforce, had ever worked from home in their current job before March 2020.  

By April 2020, nearly half of employed people in the United Kingdom (47%) were working from home. When they entered their third national lockdown in early January 2021, employees again switched to work from home. As per the recent news, the UK workforce will continue to work from home until at least June 2021, when the Government will set its step 4 plan. 

Remote work culture as we move forward

Observing the current scenario, one of the biggest questions for companies is maintaining a remote workspace culture. Before Covid-19, companies would go out on team outings and conducted sports leagues. With remote working, that is now replaced with virtual game nights. Additionally, businesses are now actively hiring remote workers from different locations. This brings a challenge for the leaders to maintain teamwork and introduce a healthy and adaptable remote work culture to the remote employees. 

Tips for leaders:

Building a remote-friendly culture

Business culture in the UK: a guide for working from- RemoteDeskhome

While earlier companies struggled to manage a remote workforce, they have now structured an appropriate strategy to stay ahead of the curve. For building a remote-friendly culture, leaders should start interacting with the employees outside of work too. To build trust among the employees, managers can also set up virtual meetings to celebrate achievements, birthdays, or special events together.  

Perform employee check-ins

Working Remotely: Ideal Work Environment Or Threat To Culture And Employee Productivity

Employee check-ins on the individual level are necessary, especially when working remotely. To maintain a constructive remote work culture, leaders must be active in setting up a one-on-one meeting with each employee. It is an excellent exercise to understand the areas of improvement, goals, and remote teams’ objectives as they go. 

Tips for remote employees

Find work-life balance on your own!

remote work culture in united kingdom

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.

Charles Buxton

As rightly quoted by Charles Buxton, to find balance, you must make time on your own and live by the choices you make. While working from home comes with its challenges of interruptions and distractions, it also comes with an opportunity to become self-disciplined and motivated. 

Get things done with RemoteDesk.

Staff Returning to the UK Workplace? Employers in the United Kingdom

After a year-long work-from-home routine, employees, particularly below 35 years of age, have experienced burnout and lack of motivation. To replicate the traditional office setup, RemoteDesk, a remote workforce management tool, helps employees obtain a clean-desk environment at their home offices. 

How RemoteDesk works as a self-inspiring tool

  • RemoteDesk’s advanced technology tracks the productive and billable hours of each employee. It not only encourages employees to improve their performance but also limits at-home distractions.
  • With RemoteDesk, remote employees can now work-from-anywhere without compromising their productivity. This means it allows employees to go for workations or fun work trips, to break the stagnancy. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.