Work In A Secure Environment: Cyber Security With RemoteDesk!

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Remote work has become an integral part of our everyday lives. The global pandemic has indeed altered the business world dramatically. And now, industries across the globe are continuing their businesses by relying on technology, cloud computing, and digital platforms. From payments, bookings, shopping to working and studying, everything works through digital modes. As a result, both companies and customers become highly prone to data breaches and cyber-attacks.  

Increase In Cyber crime Cases

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Cyber crimes cases include data breach that exposes everything from the client’s login credentials to credit card details to personal health records. As a result, customers and companies need to be aware of cyber security solutions. 

The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigation alone reported 2,100 data breaches where 700 million personal records were exposed. Since then, the risk of data breaches continues to soar, especially during these testing times. 

Learn How To Maintain Cyber-Security

Data loss prevention, user activity monitoring and insider threats detection in a single platform with remotedesk

Industries, especially software, financial, medical collect, process, and store vast amounts of data on their computers and other devices. To safeguard the collected data of their customers, they need to incorporate the following cyber security measures: 

  • Network security: The process of protecting the network from unwanted users, hackers, and intrusions is the first step towards cyber security.
  • Application security: Apps store a generous amount of personal information when uploaded. Companies should continuously update and test to ensure data security.
  • Endpoint Protection: Remote access is a necessary part of business, especially in the present situation. Endpoint security is protecting remote access to a company’s network, confidential information, and records.
  • Data security: Inside of networks and applications is data collected and processed from various sources. Protecting company and customer information is a separate layer of protection.
  • Identity Protection and Safety: Identity verification requires nearly 90 percent of an employee’s personal information. Companies that have access to such information should maintain maximum cyber security.
  • Cloud security: Cloud storage refers to collecting & storing data in a non-physical environment. Protecting data in a 100 percent digital environment is challenging but equally crucial.

RemoteDesk: Helps Companies Safeguard their Sensitive Data

Implementation results for RemoteDesk

​RemoteDesk is an AI-based remote workforce management and data prevention software that:

Risk Management & Cyber Security Tool!

risk management assessment solution

Data Security

RemoteDesk takes the security of your personal information seriously. The application employs industry-standard practices to protect your personal information per this policy and applicable law, scaling up cyber security measures. 

Data Retention and Deletion

Data collected from proctored activities (including bio metric data) are held for up to 7 days by default or as configured by the applicable Organisation(s) after a RemoteDesk Session. Your identity profile and data collected for identification verification purposes remain for up to one year from when the identity profile gets created in RemoteDesk’s platform. 

 After the applicable retention period, RemoteDesk automatically deletes your personal information from their platform and systems. 

 RemoteDesk also adheres to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), elevating the norm of data protection and cyber security

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Jodi Rell

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.