Workforce Management with 4 day work week Arrangement

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The pandemic has busted several myths and beliefs in the corporate world. The undisputed and never challenged perception of offices as the epicenter of productivity was the first among them. People never believed that the workforce could be equally productive from their homes and contribute to the businesses. The intensity and frequency of talks are more regarding embracing shorter working week culture instead of the 5 day work week. After a lot of push and pull, at least the topic has been on the dais for discussion. The workforce is happy, and management is apprehensive for apparent reasons.

Let us dig deeper and find out the ifs and buts of 4 days of work week dynamics.

Why is 4 day work week Being Demanded?

companies with 4 day work weeks

Several establishments globally are demanding a shift towards four days work week. The demand has come after considering several factors. Research has shown that employees working 4 days a week have a better chance of leading a balanced life and a more satisfying career trajectory.

Experts strongly believe that employees will show better performance and interest in their work during working hours as they will have a fair chance of spending quality personal time. Also, employees would value their work more as they will have limited time to prove their performance.

Anticipated Consequences of 4 day work week


• Enhanced Work Productivity

If employees know they have limited hours to finish their work, they tend to focus on their jobs. Such focus certainly enhances their productivity at large. Employees will have limited time on hand to waste on unproductive activities.

• Improved Work-Life Balance

Three whole days to spend with your friends and family is a boon. Employees can also devote time to enhancing their skills and acquiring additional knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity to uplift a large population’s skill-set and social life.

• Better Happiness Level

The happiness index is a critical measure for understanding the social dynamics of a population. A higher happiness index leads to a better, safer, and more productive society. Employees having more time on hand to pursue the activities of their choice will surely improve their happiness level and ultimately result in a more balanced and satisfying life.

• Reduced Unemployment

In a professional setup, some resources will have excessive work, and some will struggle to find enough work. If companies with 4 day work weeks are operating, the management will have an opportunity to realign the workload reasonably.

• Reduced Unemployment

Suppose an employee has a regular opportunity to catch up nicely with his family and friends. Also, get a chance to pursue their hobbies, and they will feel happy to come to the work that gave them the money and resources to do the same. This will result in a great sense of belongingness and engagement with their work.


• Compromised Customer Satisfaction

If organizations fail to allocate appropriate time slots and work shifts, things may go south. Having 4 day work week may result in customer disputes and issues as fewer people will be available to resolve and attend to clients.

• Squeezed Time on Hand: Leading to Poor Work Quality

Again this point circles back to the efficient and fair allocation of work. Otherwise, the overburden of work in a limited time can lead to poor outcomes. Hence, organizations should plan and use their workforce and resources mindfully to avoid shoddy work quality in a 4 day work week arrangement.

Role of Employee Monitoring Tools

RemoteDesk✓, the easy to use employee monitoring software, helps employers monitor their employees computer activity and productivity.

Employee monitoring is a welcome move for the corporate environment and has many benefits. However, management must invest in intelligent technology to monitor employees at work. Suppose a workplace has a hybrid working environment. The people working from home should also be under the radar continuously to measure their performance if they monitor employee computers. 

There is sophisticated technology available in the market in the form of employee monitoring software, like RemoteDesk, that allows companies to carry out business as usual with working from home employees. Though working from home seems like a very easy alternative, it can be equally challenging. People have given feedback that they struggle to draw a line between personal and professional life while working from home. Tools such as RemoteDesk help both parties do their jobs optimally, monitor employee productivity, and safeguard data security. Companies with 4 day work week can be a reality if these tools work hand in hand with the management to achieve work flexibility, productivity, and compliance.

The Global Scenario Around 4 day work week

Across the globe, the talks and initiatives around companies with four day work weeks are gaining momentum. For example, Belgium has come up with the experiment of offering 4 day work week for its employees. The method is simple, and the workers will have the opportunity to condense the working hours split between four days to take advantage of 3 holidays a week. From 2015 to 2019, Iceland also experimented on the same lines. After running a test phase and several negotiations with the trade unions, now around 86% of employees in the country have the benefit of 4 day work week. Similar initiatives in countries like Scotland, Sweden, Spain, and Germany happened.

Four day work week: A Paradigm Shift in Work lives: Summing Up.

Any move that brings a better balance between personal and professional life is always welcome. However, 4 day work week should be implemented with greater focus and considering all the necessary points. The personal lives of the workforce should never be off the focus, but the growth of the business is equally important. The development is crucial because it supports many’s livelihoods, and everyone’s fair contribution should come in. Hence, companies should consider the implementation of 4 day work week along with employee monitoring with the help of intelligent and advanced employee monitoring solutions such as RemoteDesk and allow a win-win situation for all.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.