How BPOs/KPOs can Operate Seamlessly in Hybrid Work Environment

What is a hybrid workplace model

Business process and knowledge process outsourcing has been helping businesses to scale up without putting additional burdens on resources. Delegating an entire function to a group of outside experts is much more beneficial than hiring a whole team to do the same in-house. However, several concerns are raised regarding data and information security and cyber […]

Top Reasons To Choose Employee Management Solution by RemoteDesk in 2023

Employee Management Software

Managing remote and hybrid workforces without compromising on several critical aspects is a task for the companies in 2023. Hence, allowing hybrid working conditions is a compulsion for most sectors, and employees are more aware of their rights and responsibilities. The workforce seeks flexibility to maintain a work-life balance; hence, developing suitable infrastructure to sustain […]

Verificient Celebrates Milestone: 8 Million Identities and Secured Sessions Worldwide

8 Million Identities and Secured Sessions vt

New York, NY – January 10, 2023 – Verificient Technologies Inc., a leading global trusted IDentity-as-a-Service company (IDaaS), is celebrating a significant milestone: 8 million identities and secured sessions delivered in over 130 countries. Verificient provides users, organizations and corporations trusted continuous identity verification and secured remote session monitoring using biometrics, computer vision, machine learning, […]

RemoteDesk Celebrates 10 Years!

Proctortrack Celebrates 10 Years!

New York, NY – December 20, 2022 – Verificient Technologies Inc., a leading global trusted Integrity-as-a-Service company, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in January 2023. The identity verification and AI technology was first designed by Rajnish Kumar in 2011 after finishing his PhD at Georgia Tech. Kumar later filed a patent for his AI […]

Better Security & Productivity: Employee Screen Monitoring Software: RemoteDesk

screen monitoring software

With the surge in demand for remote work from employees, tracking them became necessary. Managers constantly need advanced technology and more innovative tools to ensure that their remote workforce works efficiently. On the other hand, employees seek the proper acknowledgment of their work and less invasive work tracking. Along with activity tracking, ensuring cyber security […]

Employee Moonlighting and Remote Workforce

Moonlighting policy. Know All About Moonlighting in India

The traditional work infrastructure of employees working in a confined environment for 9 to 5 seems to vanish rapidly. More and more companies are adopting remote or hybrid work structures to extend flexibility and save costs. However, there are a few disadvantages. Recently numerous companies identified a novel issue of employee moonlighting. Let us understand […]

Holiday Video: Rudolph vs Santa!

remotedesk holiday

Rock, Paper, or Scissors? Cookies, Cakes, or Cocoa? What’s your Holiday Goto? The season gives us a chance to shape family traditions and lasting memories. To a merry present and a memorable Past. Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and a Happy 2023! From your team atProctortrack, RemoteDesk, and VerificientCelebrating 10 Years! 2013-2023

All You Need to Know for Your Employees Working Remotely

companies offering permanent work from home

The pandemic and the compulsion of employees to work remotely are now a matter of the past. However, organizations have learned a valuable lesson from the situation that remote work is possible. More and more establishments are shifting gears and opting for remote or hybrid work cultures. Management is becoming more flexible and embracing this […]

Embrace Growth and Success by Dealing with Toxic Remote Work Habits

Identify and avoid toxic remote/hybrid work habits for professional growth and success

People are likely to stay longer at a workplace where the environment is positive and embracing. Work toxicity is a relatively new terminology but has been here for ages. No matter how much one tries to differentiate between professional and personal life somewhere, sometimes they cross paths. Ideally, people should be emotionally detached from their […]