The role of workplace intelligence in the age of remote work

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If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. ~ Steve Jobs How workplace intelligence drives growth in businesses Workplace intelligence is the ability to create a better work environment that leads to measurable business outcomes. Not only this, it plays a […]

Top ten smart ideas to increase productivity at work

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Even in places with high vaccination rates, the highly infectious Delta variant of Covid-19 is causing infections and hospitalizations to rise again. With at least some protection from prior infections or vaccines, the advent of the delta version has challenged optimism that the pandemic will soon be over. With poor vaccination rates throughout the world, […]

Delta worry: How can remote businesses build a positive work culture?

To maintain a remote workplace culture, employers need to establish a virtual environment in which team members still feel connected and protected

Delta is surging, how is your business keeping up? The spread of the highly contagious Delta version is generating a wave of doomsaying. It’s challenging to know what to believe and who to trust at this stage of the pandemic. The headlines scream about the percentage of increased instances, but nothing confirms the actual number […]

Monitor your remote employees while maintaining their trust

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Do you have a complete image of what your staff is doing during the workday? Employee monitoring encompasses using a variety of workplace monitoring techniques to acquire information on employees’ activities and whereabouts. Employers keep tabs on their workers to increase productivity and preserve business resources. The fundamental goal is to prevent inappropriate conduct from […]

How to protect your data when working from home

Productivity Tools for Working From Home

The pandemic has forced many office employees to work remotely. The whole world switched to online environments, whether prepared or not. Working from home allowed businesses and companies to continue operating despite the worldwide lockdown. This setup has also offered a lot of opportunities for both employees and employers to explore. But just like other […]

5 Time Management Techniques For a Remote Workplace

Easy Time Management Techniques for Remote Workers

Remote employees have started embracing the flexible work-at-home culture as the 9-to-5 grind subsides. But, are they fully prepared for all the self-control and discipline that remote work demands? When you start working remotely, you take full responsibility for all aspects of your time, from how you spend and structure it to how you keep […]

The Future of Work from Home: Know the Perks

What is the future of work from home?

As the world slowly recuperates from Covid-19, organizations are making decisions on what the post-pandemic working environment will look like. Although some businesses cannot wait to bring their employees back into the office, other leaders are opting for hybrid models and even sticking with full-time work from home. Forbes reports that 74% of chief finance […]

5 Tips For Managing Remote Workforce For Your Startup

Today, every business model is getting more digitally equipped than we could ever imagine. Technology is taking new shapes every day to fit people’s needs, bringing us innovation to make our life easier. The advancement has made it easy for startups to adopt a remote-first culture before the Covid-19 lockdown. The virtual business model has […]

Do we need offices anymore? Here’s why remote work is here to stay

The FUTURE of Virtual Work- remotedesk

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic and uninterrupted business activity, remote work has become an integral part of every organization. Even though the distribution of vaccines has ramped up, the complete return to office will still not be feasible for the companies. As a result, businesses need to embrace and prepare for a remote-work landscape. […]

Practices you should adopt while training a remote employee

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Many businesses have had to deal with remote employee training in the last year. Some companies made a transition reluctantly to comply with COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, while others amplified remote hiring to fuel employment. A remote employee works for a firm but does not work in a regular office setting. Working from a local coworking […]