Future of work in Australia

Future of remote work in Australia

Work culture post 2020 has seen a drastic change, partly due to choice but mostly because of necessity. The year taught almost every industry that work-from-anywhere is sustainable and doesn’t impact productivity. A closer look at Australian workplace trends shows that work-from-home gained significant popularity in Australia, even before Covid-19. According to a report, nearly […]

How to maintain teamwork while working remotely

Remote Work: Tips and Tools for Working Remotely

Remote work and agility – can businesses achieve both? Sure, they can. The simplest yet most effective way is to adopt the right kind of technology. An extensive business network with a distributed workforce and different time zones may lead to ambiguity in the long run. Furthermore, lack of coordination lowers down team spirits, and […]

How to normalize 7- hour workdays by working remotely

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work Remotely

Eight-hour work shifts and 40-hour weeks are the industry standard today, but reports indicate otherwise. The Shift Work Practices 2014 report suggests that an average employee works an extra 5 hours every week, sometimes even more. A discrepancy that was once limited to the manufacturing sector has now found its way into the corporate world. […]

RemoteDesk got featured on SoftwareWorld – The best software review platform

Employee Monitoring Software of 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we got featured in SoftwareWorld’s latest blog under Top Employee Monitoring Software of 2021.  In today’s time, when remote work is on the rise, SoftwareWorld reviews and creates a list of top employee monitoring solutions to help businesses find the right tool for them. The platform also shares in-depth knowledge […]

Four metrics that will shape your remote work policy in 2021

Employee Remote Work Policy Template down load free

As the businesses now look up to remote or hybrid work policy, they come across some unique challenges that stand in their way of achieving targets. The most important, however, is the productivity of remote employees. Of course, given the wider network and distributed workforce, measuring each employee’s productivity can be a daunting task. However, […]

5 tips on introducing time tracking software to remote teams.

RemoteDesk Track for a free time tracking app.

When you are cooped up in your home office for days, there comes a time when employees experience burnout. A study found that 23% of people in the workforce experience burnout very often or always, and an additional 44% feel burnt out sometimes. It means nearly two-thirds of employees get burnt out on their regular job. In […]

Remote Work Trends You Must Look Out For In 2021!

Remote worker software like remotedesk

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” – Charles Kettering In order to survive in this highly competitive world, businesses must undergo a ‘change management process’ for rapid growth. There is no doubt that the year 2020 prompted some unexpected transformation for each sector. However, businesses gained back their […]

Key Principles That Help Achieve Remote Workplace Productivity

what is workplace productivity and what constitutes a productive team

As technology makes remote work more feasible, companies have good reasons to embrace remote work agility in the future. A remote workforce can help reduce the high costs that come with an office and other on-site infrastructure. Moreover, a remote work culture encourages employees to be independent and more accountable. A self-starter attitude and flexible […]

How Technology Can Help Your Business Thrive In A Remote Work Environment

Remote Work: Jobs, Companies & Virtual Teams - Remotedesk. Remote Work Environment

Covid-19 has not only interrupted our lives but our businesses too. The pandemic induced lockdown caused operational as well as financial challenges for businesses globally. In fact, studies conclude that approximately 71.31% of industries saw shrinking cash flows and delays or big projects’ cancellation during the lockdown. Impact of Covid-19 on businesses Survey reports show […]