Embrace Growth and Success by Dealing with Toxic Remote Work Habits

Identify and avoid toxic remote/hybrid work habits for professional growth and success

People are likely to stay longer at a workplace where the environment is positive and embracing. Work toxicity is a relatively new terminology but has been here for ages. No matter how much one tries to differentiate between professional and personal life somewhere, sometimes they cross paths. Ideally, people should be emotionally detached from their […]

Workforce Management with 4 day work week Arrangement

four day work week

The pandemic has busted several myths and beliefs in the corporate world. The undisputed and never challenged perception of offices as the epicenter of productivity was the first among them. People never believed that the workforce could be equally productive from their homes and contribute to the businesses. The intensity and frequency of talks are […]

The Good and Bad: Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software, Solutions, System, India

The dot com generation wants flexibility in their work life by leveraging technology and the internet. Conversely, the management has severe concerns over productivity challenges, data security, and staff tracking issues. The issues at both ends are genuine and need serious attention. However, one has to find a middle ground and make the situation a […]

Toxic Employees Can Affect Business Productivity: Learn to Deal With Them

Impact of Toxic Employees

Behavioral toxicity is a very profound subject. Psychologists suggest that most toxic people are a product of their upbringing, surrounding environments, and in some cases, genetics. However, toxic employees in the workplace can be hazardous as their presence can lead to good people leaving the workplace. As in a workplace, employees and employers do not […]

Employee Monitoring or Time Tracking? Which Solution to Choose?

Employee Monitoring or Time Tracking? Which Solution to Choose?

Due to the pandemic, businesses rushed to begin working remotely, and the notion of employee monitoring became the standard. Managers were no longer allowed to check in on their staff in person. Businesses that had previously been suspicious about remote work were now enacting work-from-home rules on the fly. Other organizations enthusiastically embraced remote work, […]

How to Manage Cybersecurity for Remote Workers?

Work-From-Home Data Security Checklist for Your Employees

Companies worldwide are facing severe cyber security issues. While hybrid work environments come with their own benefits, concerns about data theft and insider threats are still ongoing. Albeit the world is trying to figure out how to deal with the issues, we have some concrete solutions. How Can Cybersecurity For Remote Workers be Compromised? Undoubtedly, […]

5 Reasons Why Remote Work Is Best For Female Employees

Remote Work Is Best For Female Employees

Remote working is altogether a different experience for the employees. Being away from the traditional workplace setting can be challenging and rewarding; it varies with personal experience. However, we cannot deny that remote internships and working opportunities are the best opportunities for women to build their careers worldwide. The unique working circumstances let women explore their full […]

Why Companies Should Work Harder to Retain Employees

How to engage and retain employees

A massive surge in the entrepreneurial drive has changed how companies do business. While demand remains the same, competition has become fiercer, creating more winners than losers every quarter. Take Uber or Byju’s, for example. The once rapidly growing tech juggernauts are now growing sluggishly. This trend turns out to be more common than expected, […]

How Companies can Improve Employee Engagement in Current Times?

5 Tips for Building Trust When Employees Return to Work- RemoteDesk

Things were quite mundane before the pandemic in offices. Employees used to walk into their workplaces & worked till the end of the day. It was fairly simpler for companies to arrange for activities where employees could feel included & engaged at a personal level with the companies. Activities & festivities were mostly pre-decided. However, […]

Remote Desktop Monitoring Software: A Boon for Remote Companies

Employees monitoring software - Remotedesk.com

With the rapid spread of work from home set-ups, employee activity monitoring has become a critical & integral part of the operational functions of companies. Firms must be assured that the working hours are productive & employees are working within the framework of compliance laid down by them. This is possible with the use of […]