RemoteDesk’s Employee Tracking Roadmap!

How much intrusion is too much intrusion? It is not at all surprising to believe that remote monitoring or employee tracking is entirely non-intrusive. The name itself is self-explanatory but still perceived in different ways. To control the spurt in the number of Coronavirus cases, organizations have entirely switched to remote working. And now, nearly […]

Better Together: Manage Remote Teams with Remotedesk!

Managing remote employees is very different than team members in an office. Remote work is on the rise. Managing remote employees presents a few unique challenges. Use Remotedesk

While the countries across the world are reeling from the deadly Coronavirus, organizations continue to adapt to the unconventional ways of taking their businesses ahead. As a result, companies are now finding the best possible way to manage their remote teams through a secured remote management tool. As the teams work-from-home, supervisors remain in a […]

Data Security is above all – Lessen the Risk of Insider Threats with Remotedesk!

insider threats in cyber security with remotedesk

In a bid to create a trusted and employee-driven workplace, businesses may face security risk that originates from within the organization. The notion that a company entails trusted employees, vendors, or other associated people is still a fallacy, more so in the light of remote work culture. As a result, adopting an insider threat management […]

Top 3 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable To Data Breaches

Remotedesk Awarded Best Product for Insider Threat Prevention at 2020 RSA Conference. Cybersecurity Insider and data breaches

Trio at risk of data breaches- Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology In today’s heavily digitized world, data has emerged as the new currency. It has not only driven the current age of information but has also helped organizations scale their operations, making it the most valuable asset for them. At our current pace, the world creates […]

6 Reasons Why More Companies Should Be Hiring Remote Workers

hiring remote workers they work from anywhere with the help of remotedesk remote monitoring software

Remote work has come a long way from being called the “new fad”. Digital nomads and teleworkers are not just fancy words anymore. Companies are readily embracing remote work as an essential part of their core business strategy. Remote work, however, is not only confined to employees that work from home. It also includes those […]

Working from Home? Avoid these 5 Tech Mistakes with Remotedesk!

5 big tech companies making remote-work tools free right now with Remotedesk!

Employees working from home “keep operations going” As the coronavirus pandemic leaves a trail of locked down cities and half-empty offices, work from home has become a necessity overnight. Following this, it’s quite natural for employees to overlook basic work etiquettes when they’re not in a brick and mortar office. Like attending office daily, working […]

Business Continuity Plan- A Safety Net for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Business continuity plan for the novel Covid-19 pandemic

Business continuity plan for the novel Covid-19 pandemic A business continuity plan or BCP lays out a set of recovery and prevention guidelines for businesses in the face of disasters. Think of it as a safety net against natural calamities, unforeseen strikes, and cyber attacks. Proper business continuity management ensures the safety of company assets […]

Employee Productivity Monitoring Software- Save Time & Money

employee productivity monitoring software, labor productivity tracking, productivity enhancement with remotedesk

Are employee productivity monitoring software any good? The answer is a sure shot, YES! Employee productivity monitoring software are an important asset for modern-day companies where time and productivity are of top priority. They help you streamline workflow, organize onsite/virtual teams, and improve employee efficiency. Let’s see how companies implement software for employee monitoring to […]

Confidently Appoint Remote Call Center Agents With Remotedesk.

remote call center software

Remote call centers are more than a trend In today’s big data world, contact centers have become an integral part of businesses. Time-intensive tasks like staffing and managing customer support, lead generation teams are being outsourced to call centers/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. As companies become increasingly dependent on online helpdesks, call centers are moving […]

Time Tracking Remote Employees The Right Way

Time Tracker Software, time tracking app best,Free Time Tracking Software, Remote employee time tracking

Keeping tabs with time tracking software Remote project management jobs are soon becoming the new normal. This paradigm shift has enabled companies to appoint remote workers on a large scale. However, to achieve accountability and transparency between remote teams, time tracking is an absolute must. Keeping track of a remote employee’s work schedule is a […]