Top 5 Advantages Of Workflow Management Software

Workflow Software - Best Workflow Management Software In 2020

With businesses transitioning to virtual work or remote working environments, companies have now started backing the latest tech trends for streamlining their workflow. In fact, they are beginning to realize the significance of digital businesses and the impact of technology on customer experiences and internal capabilities. Given this, offices now look up to advanced methods […]

Remote Worker Monitoring — The Key To Successful Business

With so many people working from home due to COVID-19, employee monitoring software can help your business more than ever by tracking

Pandemic-induced remote working has forced businesses to realign their set policies. In any industry, be it healthcare, finance, or IT, remote work strategies and employee monitoring practices are crucial in combating the current situation. In this article, we will take you through some recent numbers, benefits of remote worker monitoring, and how RemoteDesk is helping […]

The Devil Is In The Details: Insider Threats In Healthcare Industry

Insider Threats: In the Healthcare Sector- Remotedesk

It’s a myth when you believe that the financial or banking sector is highly prone to data breaches. When we examine the risks of malicious threats, healthcare organizations top the list.  Breaches get observed in the healthcare sector due to a host of incidents. Credential-stealing malware is one type where an insider deliberately or accidentally […]

Be Mindful Of Data Breaches! Achieve Data Loss Prevention With RemoteDesk

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the practice of detecting and preventing data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data. Organizations use DLP to protect and secure their data and comply with regulations

Are you aware of the risk of insider threats? Do you have a track of remote employees snooping on the company’s confidential data? Or is your business able to identify the grey area in a work-from-home scenario? Well, let’s cut to the chase. A remote working atmosphere has its highs and lows. And the biggest […]

User Activity Monitoring Software, RemoteDesk, Is Altering The Future Of Work!

Employee Monitoring Software: real time desktop monitoring, online remote user activity monitoring, employee time tracking, screen and keystroke recording with remotedesk

The future of work At-home work has undoubtedly changed, bringing in technology, innovation, and digital transformation. As a result, the ever-evolving business community will significantly take flight and shift to permanent remote work. Earlier, employee monitoring was just checking up on employees on the floor and keeping track of their activities in person. With remote […]

Seize Employee Time Theft With RemoteDesk!

How Do Employees Steal Time While at Work?- Remotedesk

Few things cripple productivity and make businesses lose money like workplace theft. Employers in the U.S. are losing billions of dollars every year to workplace malpractices perpetuated by their workers. Time theft is perhaps the most subtle of these money leaking activities.  Here’s why: a good chunk of employers pay their workers based on the number of hours […]

Help Your Remote Team Eliminate These 5 Mistakes When They Work Remotely!

Top 5 mistake remote management

Remote collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Asana are undoubtedly having their time as companies continue to embrace the work-from-home trend. Working Remotely: The new trend! While working remotely might seem convenient and comfortable, it increases each employee’s responsibility to become more disciplined. Moreover, learn a new working routine and etiquette. Many remote teams […]

Is The Manufacturing Industry Ready For Remote Work Amid COVID-19?

How to enable remote work in manufacturing Industry during the COVID-19 crisis. Manufacturing Industry Also Faces Remote Working Security Risks

The Coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we work and live. In just a few months, it has forced people to adjust their personal and corporate lifestyles. While this has undoubtedly affected everyone’s life personally, its impact on the business world remains undivided.  Businesses that run solely online aren’t much affected. This pandemic has […]

Online Tools That Help You Measure Remote Work Efficiency

Remotedesk is an online employee moniotring software that is trusted by hundreds of remote teams to bring everything at one place. Remote worker

2020 has completely changed the working culture and dynamics around the world.  Under these circumstances, many companies have decentralized their working environment with massive adoption (enthusiastically or grudgingly) of working remotely.  The rise of remote work poses a challenge to business owners. The main one being: how to measure the remote employees’ work efficiency and […]

Ten Ways To Measure And Track Employee Productivity

Track remote employee productivity with remotedesk

Productivity is the lifeblood of every business. It doesn’t matter the industry you operate in or the kind of product or service you offer; if your workers aren’t productive enough, your business will suffer. Customers would be dissatisfied and leave you for your competitors who serve them better. Prolonged non-productivity in business will lead to […]