Practices you should adopt while training a remote employee

training a remote employee - remotedesk

Many businesses have had to deal with remote employee training in the last year. Some companies made a transition reluctantly to comply with COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, while others amplified remote hiring to fuel employment. A remote employee works for a firm but does not work in a regular office setting. Working from a local coworking […]

5 companies that embraced the best of remote work culture

How remote working is affecting the organization culture

In the wake of Covid-19, companies across the globe have made a switch to remote work. It is said that work from home has had beneficial results such as employee well-being, work-life balance, zero commutes that is less stress and flexible working hours. However, there are companies that have made the best utilization of the […]

The importance of workplace wellness and a healthy work environment

workplace wellness

After seeing the roadblocks that the Covid-19 pandemic has created, organizations are increasingly realizing the need to accommodate corporate wellness programs for employee’s well-being. Be it outside or inside the workplace; the ongoing global crisis has bogged down every individual. In such challenging times, how are you helping your staff from getting worn out? The […]

How do employees waste time at work and how to stop it

Employee Time Wasting

Seeing the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees have now realized that remote work has become the new standard to stay for the long haul. Alongside the benefits of remote working, there are inevitable fallouts for time management at home offices. If we go by the demographics, employees in their early thirties enjoy the perks […]

How companies in the UK can create a successful remote work culture

remote work culture

While the vaccine rollout gives us hope for returning to normalcy, certain things will remain unchanged forever. If we observe the workspace culture in hindsight, we can see business businesses adopting a hybrid working style with flexitime schedules. Initially, when the lockdown happened, the whole idea of remote working seemed foreign to some companies. Still, […]

Tips for leaders when they return-to-office

Return-to-office: The ‘old normal’ will not be the same. Here's what leaders should do.

After a year like 2020, employees and leaders deserve a pat on their backs for coping with erratic changes. The year taught many business owners that it is possible to run a company remotely with a more extensive network. Now that vaccines are more accessible and things are getting better, employees will likely return to […]

Enjoy a productive remote work trip with RemoteDesk

remote work trip with RemoteDesk

As we all know, it has been almost a year into the global pandemic and the work from home routine. The pandemic has indeed been a pivot point for many organizations, taking significant steps in changing their pre-pandemic work policies. From flexible work models to virtual infrastructure and remote work software, we observed a massive […]

How To Optimize Your Business Procedures With Employee Monitoring Software

remote working with the help ofEmployee Monitoring Software

Employee productivity is key to becoming a thriving business. Hence, companies and organizations are always finding ways to help staff stay efficient with their time, energy, and attention. One methodology growing in popularity is using employee monitoring software to track and evaluate an employee’s productivity with automated services. Working in a highly connected age can […]

How to maintain teamwork while working remotely

Remote Work: Tips and Tools for Working Remotely

Remote work and agility – can businesses achieve both? Sure, they can. The simplest yet most effective way is to adopt the right kind of technology. An extensive business network with a distributed workforce and different time zones may lead to ambiguity in the long run. Furthermore, lack of coordination lowers down team spirits, and […]

How to normalize 7- hour workdays by working remotely

Benefits of Allowing Employees to Work Remotely

Eight-hour work shifts and 40-hour weeks are the industry standard today, but reports indicate otherwise. The Shift Work Practices 2014 report suggests that an average employee works an extra 5 hours every week, sometimes even more. A discrepancy that was once limited to the manufacturing sector has now found its way into the corporate world. […]