ILTACON 2019: A successful showing

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International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) Annual ILTACON Conference took place in  Orlando, Florida, August 18 – 22. Remotedesk was there exhibiting at Booth 1224 with technology partners Tiburon Cloud Partners and client Bicoastal Legal Solutions.

Powered by Verificient, Remotedesk is the only automated AI-based remote workforce management solution that continuously secures the identities of remote work-at-home attorneys and delivers a Clean Desk Environment for the legal industry. 

The legal eDiscovery opportunity is growing from $11b in 2018 to over $17b by 2025, so it comes as no surprise that eDiscovery trends were a major talking point at ILTACON19.

“We were approached by law firms looking to address the demand for eDiscovery along with attorney outsourcing trends. Remotedesk solves two major challenges in this industry: securing confidential data and providing time-stamped billable hours.” said Rahul Siddharth, COO and Co-Founder, Verificient Technologies.

“Through our partnership with Tiburon Cloud and Bicoastal Legal, we leveraged Remotedesk to deliver remote eDiscovery document review coupled with access to the most experienced, qualified attorneys anywhere in the U.S. Remotedesk continuously secures the identities of employees using AI, biometrics, machine learning, and computer visioning to provide better results at lower costs.”


RemoteDesk delivers employee engagement, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.