Malicious Insider Data Breaches Happen

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Contrary to common misconception, today’s most dangerous cybersecurity threats are not originating from harmful outsiders or malware but from trusted insiders. Malicious insider breaches can severely compromise the security framework of an organization and cripple it to a point of no return. With an ever-increasing inclination towards digital transformation, enterprises are constantly putting sensitive data at risk. 

An insider threat is an internal security threat that comes from people within an organization, particularly employees (current and former), contractors or business associates, who have insider-information about the organization’s security practices, data and computer systems. Most insider breaches are motivated by malicious intentions. This involves the theft of commercially valuable information, confidential data, classified intellectual property, fraud or sabotage of data processing systems.




Insiders typically have legitimate access to computer systems through a company-provided account for performing their duties; these permissions can simply be misused to paralyze the organization. Prior knowledge of security protocols, organizational data, and intellectual property makes it easier for insiders to bypass firewalls and safety measures without hacking into the company’s internal network. 

According to a 2018 insider threat report by Veriato, “ Data is no longer just an IT asset; it’s a core strategic asset and some types of data are more valuable than others. Confidential business information, which encompasses company financials along with customer and employee data, is a highly strategic asset and equally a high-value target. Again this year, confidential business information (57%) takes the top spot as most vulnerable to insider attacks, followed by the privileged account information (52%), and sensitive personal information (49%). “



This staggering figure confirms the fact that insider breaches can quickly drain a company’s resources. In a standard office setup, IT professionals handle cyber threats, external firewalls, external data loss prevention, DDoS attack mitigation and much more. However, with telecommuting becoming the new norm, organizations need to improvise their options on data security and employee privacy. When it comes to a remote workforce monitoring partner that brings maximum value to the organization, Remotedesk stands out as the most effective solution in the market.

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