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Remotedesk, the world’s most advanced AI-based remote workforce management solution for work-at-home compliance and security, announced a new brand and new website: The website is committed to providing clients, partners, and visitors with more in-depth knowledge about the product and how it works. The revamped website comes with new media and content like blog posts, events, press releases and case studies. 

“Under the leadership of CEO Rajnish Kumar, we have repositioned the company as well as our Remotedesk products, offering continuous identity verification along with four new unique levels of secured remote workforce monitoring for the growing trend of teleworking,” said COO Rahul Siddharth. “The new Remotedesk website articulates our unique story and our new propositions, with improved functionality and enriched content to deliver a superior client experience. Our simple tabbed navigation can be used to explore Remotedesk’s application in various industries, like eDiscovery for legal, call centers and corporate.” 

The website will be updated regularly with new content and the latest software feature upgrades. There is also a dedicated section for social media updates that will offer visitors a look into current trends and news surrounding teleworking. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee engagement, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.