The New Agenda: Work From Home In An IT Industry

Employee can work from home (WFH) with the help of remotedesk monitoring software. workforce in IT sector

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, once said, “The only constant in life is change.” Today, the world has taken a radical change due to the Coronavirus outbreak. One never thought that business across the globe would shift to remote working. And with that being so, various sectors of the economy are switching from an office-bound culture to […]

Verificient Technologies, Inc takes part in AISS 2018

Verificient Technologies, Inc takes part in AISS 2018. RemoteDesk– an automated monitoring solution that delivers a Clean Desk Environment

Rajnish Kumar, CEO of Verificient Technologies, Inc was invited to be a panelist for the 13th edition of the NASSCOM- DSCI: Annual Information Security Summit (AISS); held on 4th through 6th December. This year’s AISS took a deep dive into Cyber Security; its trends, threats and its role in transforming Digital India. It was a congregation […]

Call center company secures their remote agents with Remotedesk

Implementation results for RemoteDesk

Remotedesk delivers the Clean Desk Environment for remote work-at-home call center agents. Verificient Technologies implemented Remotedesk, which is a monitoring solution for call center agents selected to work from home. A group of 304 call center agents worked remotely from home during the period of January 4 – February 28, 2016. The same group of […]