RemoteDesk Successfully Receives SOC 2 Type 2 Certificate!

SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Remotedesk

For every company, data is an asset to the organization. And ensuring its privacy must be the sole responsibility for every business. In present times, we all strive to become digitally equipped. And thus, sharing our data online has become more or less a day-to-day phenomenon. However, how can one rest assured that their personal […]

Top 3 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable To Data Breaches

Remotedesk Awarded Best Product for Insider Threat Prevention at 2020 RSA Conference. Cybersecurity Insider and data breaches

Trio at risk of data breaches- Finance, Healthcare, Information Technology In today’s heavily digitized world, data has emerged as the new currency. It has not only driven the current age of information but has also helped organizations scale their operations, making it the most valuable asset for them. At our current pace, the world creates […]

Malicious Insider Data Breaches Happen

Remotedesk is the world’s most advanced AI-based remote workforce management solution for work-at-home compliance and security. Malicious Insider data breaches.

Contrary to common misconception, today’s most dangerous cybersecurity threats are not originating from harmful outsiders or malware but from trusted insiders. Malicious insider breaches can severely compromise the security framework of an organization and cripple it to a point of no return. With an ever-increasing inclination towards digital transformation, enterprises are constantly putting sensitive data […]