Employee Moonlighting and Remote Workforce

Moonlighting policy. Know All About Moonlighting in India

The traditional work infrastructure of employees working in a confined environment for 9 to 5 seems to vanish rapidly. More and more companies are adopting remote or hybrid work structures to extend flexibility and save costs. However, there are a few disadvantages. Recently numerous companies identified a novel issue of employee moonlighting. Let us understand […]

Monitor your remote employees while maintaining their trust

employee monitoring software- Remotedesk

Do you have a complete image of what your staff is doing during the workday? Employee monitoring encompasses using a variety of workplace monitoring techniques to acquire information on employees’ activities and whereabouts. Employers keep tabs on their workers to increase productivity and preserve business resources. The fundamental goal is to prevent inappropriate conduct from […]

How To Optimize Your Business Procedures With Employee Monitoring Software

remote working with the help ofEmployee Monitoring Software

Employee productivity is key to becoming a thriving business. Hence, companies and organizations are always finding ways to help staff stay efficient with their time, energy, and attention. One methodology growing in popularity is using employee monitoring software to track and evaluate an employee’s productivity with automated services. Working in a highly connected age can […]

Remote Worker Monitoring — The Key To Successful Business

With so many people working from home due to COVID-19, employee monitoring software can help your business more than ever by tracking

Pandemic-induced remote working has forced businesses to realign their set policies. In any industry, be it healthcare, finance, or IT, remote work strategies and employee monitoring practices are crucial in combating the current situation. In this article, we will take you through some recent numbers, benefits of remote worker monitoring, and how RemoteDesk is helping […]

RemoteDesk’s Employee Tracking Roadmap!

employee productivity monitoring with software with remotedesk

How much intrusion is too much intrusion? It is not at all surprising to believe that remote monitoring or employee tracking is entirely non-intrusive. The name itself is self-explanatory but still perceived in different ways. To control the spurt in the number of Coronavirus cases, organizations have entirely switched to remote working. And now, nearly […]

Employee Productivity Monitoring Software- Save Time & Money

employee productivity monitoring software, labor productivity tracking, productivity enhancement with remotedesk

Are employee productivity monitoring software any good? The answer is a sure shot, YES! Employee productivity monitoring software are an important asset for modern-day companies where time and productivity are of top priority. They help you streamline workflow, organize onsite/virtual teams, and improve employee efficiency. Let’s see how companies implement software for employee monitoring to […]