Shape the modern remote workplace: 4 tips for making call center agents more productive

What are the duties and responsibilities of call center agents?

We all know how important it is to provide a pleasant customer experience in the call center, but what about the agent experience? The cornerstone of business development is productivity. It’s all about cutting costs and offering the best service possible. Humans aren’t machines. Increasing call center productivity by just pushing your agents harder will […]

Coronavirus: Changing the Global Perception About Remote Work

Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Rise to More Complex Forms of Remote Work. Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work with Remotedesk

As countries from across Asia continue their struggle with the coronavirus outbreak, work has come to a grinding halt. Vacant offices and deserted streets present a grim picture for businesses, which have now remained paralyzed for months. Moreover, the novel coronavirus infection has forced millions of people into their homes, following self-quarantine measures. So, can […]

7 Ways To Cultivate A Positive Work Environment

7 ways to foster a positive work environment

Most employees spend more than half of their waking hours at an office, cooped up in a cubicle, working in front of a screen, and juggling between meetings. Eventually, everyday stress can build to a boiling point, resulting in a negative work environment and unhappy, disengaged employees.  Unproductivity and negativity in the workplace are like […]