5 tips on introducing time tracking software to remote teams.

RemoteDesk Track for a free time tracking app.

When you are cooped up in your home office for days, there comes a time when employees experience burnout. A study found that 23% of people in the workforce experience burnout very often or always, and an additional 44% feel burnt out sometimes. It means nearly two-thirds of employees get burnt out on their regular job. In […]

User Activity Monitoring Software, RemoteDesk, Is Altering The Future Of Work!

Employee Monitoring Software: real time desktop monitoring, online remote user activity monitoring, employee time tracking, screen and keystroke recording with remotedesk

The future of work At-home work has undoubtedly changed, bringing in technology, innovation, and digital transformation. As a result, the ever-evolving business community will significantly take flight and shift to permanent remote work. Earlier, employee monitoring was just checking up on employees on the floor and keeping track of their activities in person. With remote […]