The Dos and Don’ts on tracking employee productivity when working remotely

Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Teams

Productivity is the essence of every organization. It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in or what sort of product or service you provide; if your employees aren’t productive enough, your company will suffer. Customers would be unhappy and would go to your rivals who provided a better service. Prolonged inactivity in the company will result […]

Key Principles That Help Achieve Remote Workplace Productivity

what is workplace productivity and what constitutes a productive team

As technology makes remote work more feasible, companies have good reasons to embrace remote work agility in the future. A remote workforce can help reduce the high costs that come with an office and other on-site infrastructure. Moreover, a remote work culture encourages employees to be independent and more accountable. A self-starter attitude and flexible […]

Ten Ways To Measure And Track Employee Productivity

Track remote employee productivity with remotedesk

Productivity is the lifeblood of every business. It doesn’t matter the industry you operate in or the kind of product or service you offer; if your workers aren’t productive enough, your business will suffer. Customers would be dissatisfied and leave you for your competitors who serve them better. Prolonged non-productivity in business will lead to […]