Is working from home increasing the working hours? Let’s find out.

Working hours grew but productivity fell in work from home

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred bold predictions that the future of work is either remote or hybrid work. Millions of people were forced to work from home for more than a year but were allowed to do so remotely. Keep in mind, it’s not just you. Many employees who have converted to working from home […]

The Future of Work from Home: Know the Perks

What is the future of work from home?

As the world slowly recuperates from Covid-19, organizations are making decisions on what the post-pandemic working environment will look like. Although some businesses cannot wait to bring their employees back into the office, other leaders are opting for hybrid models and even sticking with full-time work from home. Forbes reports that 74% of chief finance […]

Help Your Remote Team Eliminate These 5 Mistakes When They Work Remotely!

Top 5 mistake remote management

Remote collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Asana are undoubtedly having their time as companies continue to embrace the work-from-home trend. Working Remotely: The new trend! While working remotely might seem convenient and comfortable, it increases each employee’s responsibility to become more disciplined. Moreover, learn a new working routine and etiquette. Many remote teams […]

Online Tools That Help You Measure Remote Work Efficiency

Remotedesk is an online employee moniotring software that is trusted by hundreds of remote teams to bring everything at one place. Remote worker

2020 has completely changed the working culture and dynamics around the world.  Under these circumstances, many companies have decentralized their working environment with massive adoption (enthusiastically or grudgingly) of working remotely.  The rise of remote work poses a challenge to business owners. The main one being: how to measure the remote employees’ work efficiency and […]

Indian Work From Home Drive Takes off Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

India government decides to shut down 75 coronavirus-hit districts. Use RemoteDesk solution working remotely for remoteworker

Work from home now a necessity amidst coronavirus Lockdown. The work from home pipe dream is finally being realized on a global scale due to the coronavirus pandemic. India, being in the 2nd phase of the novel Covid-19 outbreak, has led the fight against community transmission with remote work. Because of growing travel restrictions and […]

52 Statistic Every Remote Worker Should Know

52 statistic every remote worker should know. learn more about RemoteDesk

RemoteDesk is the world’s most advanced AI-based remote workforce management solution for work-at-home compliance and security. RemoteDesk’s elegant and simple AI technology securely monitors teleworkers while providing clear transparency, accountability, work-at-home policy compliance, and risk management for outsourcing initiatives. RemoteDesk is powered by Verificient Technologies, Inc., which specializes in continuous identity verification through the use of its patented […]

Coronavirus: Changing the Global Perception About Remote Work

Coronavirus Outbreak Gives Rise to More Complex Forms of Remote Work. Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work with Remotedesk

As countries from across Asia continue their struggle with the coronavirus outbreak, work has come to a grinding halt. Vacant offices and deserted streets present a grim picture for businesses, which have now remained paralyzed for months. Moreover, the novel coronavirus infection has forced millions of people into their homes, following self-quarantine measures. So, can […]