RemoteDesk is a market leading employee monitoring,  time tracking and workforce management solution designed to improve employee productivity. RemoteDesk is trusted by many international organizations and has successfully delivered highly informative analysis to improve efficiency.

RemoteDesk not only monitors employee productivity but also keeps track of computer activity, background softwares & Internet usage. RemoteDesk keeps a detailed log of an employee’s work activity and lets managers analyze the recorded data for a quick overview. It accurately captures metrics that affect productivity: breaks, poor attendance, personal internet browsing (facebook, online games, job portals, e-shopping) and personal software usage.

With RemoteDesk, remote employees can choose where they live and how they work. Above all, it is a self inspiring tool that improves the productivity of remote workers. The employee dashboard gives an overall analysis of the time spent working, on which tasks, and the number of breaks taken in comparison with the team average- all this from the comfort of your home. 

The RemoteDesk desktop application runs smoothly on MAC OS 10.7 and above, most Linux OS versions, Windows computers with Windows Vista or later and has a version that works on Chromium OS too. There is also a web component that works on all the latest browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

The software does not monitor any computer activity when an employee is on a break or when they’re not working. So, even those who are working from home can be assured that they are not being monitored during their personal time. Our position on privacy is that a company has the right to know what their employees are doing during work hours, but are strictly not allowed to know what they’re doing post work or during breaks.

There are several reasons why Remotedesk is effective at tracking time accurately and other applications are not:

  1. RemoteDesk tracks time in REAL TIMEAfter you’ve finished working, it’s difficult to accurately remember how much time you spent on which tasks. With RemoteDesk, you don’t need to remember anything since it tracks your working hours in real-time.
  2. RemoteDesk reminds you to track timeOther applications don’t have an option for reminders, so users often forget to start tracking their time. RemoteDesk also reminds a user to stop tracking their time if they visit a website that isn’t related to work (like Facebook).
  3. RemoteDesk automatically stops tracking time when you leave the computerIf time tracking isn’t stopped automatically, a user might forget to stop the time tracker when he/she is on a break, resulting in inaccurate tracked hours. RemoteDesk stops tracking the time when it does not detect any keyboard or mouse activity for a while. It also gives the user an option to specify whether they were working during that time or not. 
  4. RemoteDesk has multiple methods to confirm if the time tracked was real workThese methods include screenshots (which are taken at regular intervals), levels of keyboard & mouse activity, and monitoring which websites & applications are being used.

Improves Productivity & Attendance – With RemoteDesk, employee productivity can be increased by nearly 3-20% – that’s how much time an employee spends on their personal needs (including poor attendance, being idle, browsing, socializing) on an average. RemoteDesk increases productivity, improves employees’ attendance, discipline by reducing idle and personal time.

Helps Planning New Purchases – RemoteDesk shows you a comprehensive record of computer and software usage. Future operations and company purchases can be streamlined using the data from RemoteDesk. RemoteDesk also helps take the load off of overworked departments/people and lets you decide if you need to hire more employees (it shows you if there is insufficient productivity or overworking).

Saves Company‘s Money- The biggest benefit to employers is that they can downsize their office space.  60% of businesses believe that cost saving is a motivation in having a remote workforce. Depending on the size of the business, companies can save up to $2,000 per employee in better-optimized office space. In fact, browsing time for companies with 50-100 employees was about 50% of the working time. RemoteDesk drastically reduces unproductive time down & saves money.

RemoteDesk’s role is to highlight abnormal employee behavior and create a detailed log of these infractions for managerial review. Any policy violations that can compromise the integrity of a company are flagged by the AI software to prevent any insider data breaches.

As far as workforce management tools are concerned, we’re suggesting a range of features that fit snugly within the building blocks of a workforce management system. This starts with fundamentals like demand planning, employee scheduling, and accurate time tracking for spot on timesheets and payroll. But it goes far beyond that.

A complete workforce management solution like RemoteDesk helps employees swap shifts when something comes up, stay on top of their work tasks, and communicate effectively with the rest of the team. It helps them plan work, manage employee time, control labor costs, and improve efficiency. A good workforce management software automates processes, eliminates paper work, and cuts tedious tasks. allowing employees to focus on getting things done.

A workforce management system facilitates the smooth running of a business by efficiently managing a team of employees, while staying on the right side of employment laws. With a top workforce management system, managers can create work schedules in minutes, record exact staff work hours for perfect payroll, and give employees the tools they need to manage their work lives.​

RemoteDesk is constantly evolving with the times to help businesses stay efficient, manage legal compliance, and keep their employees happy. How? We listen. We’re always gathering feedback from businesses, employees, and regulators to build new functions and meet changing needs. It’s what we do.

Workforce scheduling is just one aspect of a workforce management system. An effective software will enable managers to review important information like worker availability, staff costs, and maintain accountability in the remote workplace. It will then help them build a perfect work schedule and send shift details straight to their employees’ phones and inboxes.

RemoteDesk delivers remote worker management, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.