Remotedesk is the world’s most advanced AI-based remote workforce management solution for work-at-home compliance and security for the legal industry.

Remotedesk works with eDiscovery firms, legal firms, and managed services to efficiently secure and monitor the work environment of your remote legal contractors and remote employees.

Remotedesk can:

  • Increase productivity up to 20% while optimizing cybersecurity
  • Ensure there is no breach of confidentiality (protect confidential data)
  • Prevent overbilling and underbilling with actual time-stamped billable hours
  • Reduce labor costs while attorneys work from home
Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured eDiscovery for Bicoastal Legal. Remotedesk is a Remote Workforce management solution & employee monitoring software.


Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured eDiscovery for Bicoastal Legal

Remotedesk integrates seamlessly with:

Over 5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered including:

Clean desk policy

Why it matters for teleworking

A Clean Desk Policy is not only ISO 27001/17799 compliance, but it's also part of standard basic privacy controls. But how do you enforce it for work-at-home contractors and remote employees?


Over 73 Million were reported in 2018.

Malicious Insider Employee Monitoring Software

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RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.