RemoteDesk | Perform

RemoteDesk | Perform offers HR, operation managers and supervisors Identity Verification,
Remote Workforce Management and Employee Engagement to leverage
high-value productivity from their work-from-home (WFH) teams.

Manager Features

– Automatically verify the identities of your remote employees
– Track Idle vs Active work efforts
– Desktop activity reports
– Review Desktop Screenshots for employee accountability
– Improve operational metrics using Keystroke and Mouse Clicks analysis
– Configure productivity reports across individuals, projects or departments
– Engage and coach employees more effectively
– Prevent project delays
– Identify and measure employee workloads
– Improve attendance adherence and engagement
– Identify trends and patterns in WFH employee behaviour

RemoteDesk perform is a tool for managers and organizations looking for all-in-one time tracker and billing app, as well as employee productivity tracking software
RemoteDesk perform Best Employee Monitoring Software for Security Threat Protection

Employee Features

– Prevent under-billing of your efforts
– Receive constructive feedback and coaching
– Create a sustainable work-at-home environment that employees desire
– Save time and money – Reclaim commuting hours, gas, parking
– Minimise administrative tasks – Time-tracking and accountability is automated
– Prevent over workload

Technology Benefits

– Measuring productivity of remote employees
– Detailed activity reports of applications and URLs employees engage with
– Comprehensive idle vs active work efforts
– Time tracking tool for small businesses
– Provide valuable metrics for employee coaching

RemoteDesk secure is the new-generation employee monitoring software for analysing employee performance at PCs.

RemoteDesk | Perform is available for Mac OS and Windows OS.

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