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RemoteDesk | Perform offers HR, operation managers and supervisors Employee Monitoring, Remote Workforce Management and Employee Engagement Solutions to leverage high-value productivity from their work-from-home (WFH) teams.

Employee Monitoring Software - Track Time & Gain Insights


Top Features

Continuous Identity

RemoteDesk | Perform offers valid employee identity verification to prevent identity fraud or impostor violations in a remote work setup.

Its elegant technology continually verifies the identities of employees, ensuring user authentication.

How RemoteDesk | Perform leverages ID verification in a remote work setup:

  • Managers receive real-time notifications for potential compliance or security risks.
  • Ensures data loss prevention by protecting unauthorized user access to company, consumer and client information.
Employees Remotely. Identity verification solutions help you offer an immediate biometric identification and authentication
RemoteDesk detect anomalous computer use behavior by remote employees with a high degree of accuracy

Top Features

Idle vs Active state

RemoteDesk | Perform, an employee monitoring software, provides supervisors a balanced and non-intrusive solution to detect remote employees’ idle vs active work efforts.

How managers can evaluate accurate productivity levels of remote teams:

  • Receive detailed activity reports of applications and URLs employees engage with.
  • Track Idle vs Active work efforts.
  • Improve attendance adherence and engagement.

Top Features

Productive vs
Unproductive Application
and URL usage

Measure the productivity of your remote employees with automated employee activity and URL tracking.

With RemoteDesk | Perform, HR and operation managers can determine billable and non-billable hours of remote staff:

  • Get detailed daily and weekly activity reports of applications and URLs employees engage with.
  • Gauge valuable metrics for employee coaching.
  • Review desktop screenshots for employee accountability.
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Top Features

Keyboard and mouse
click counts

RemoteDesk | Perform is a robust keystroke monitoring software that helps operational managers detect suspicious keyloggers, false keystrokes, and data copy attempts in a WFH setup.

RemoteDesk | Perform provides actionable ways for a manager to stay vigilant of data and compliance threats:

  • Automatically verify the identities of your remote employees.
  • Improve operational metrics using Keystroke and Mouse Clicks analysis.
  • Configure productivity reports across individuals, projects or departments.

Top Features

Activity tracking

Manage your remote workforce easily with employee time tracking software. RemoteDesk | Perform provides real-time insights of remote employees’ desktop activity to identify trends and patterns in WFH employee behavior.

With RemoteDesk | Perform:

  • Prevent project delays.
  • Review Desktop Screenshots for employee accountability.
  • Provide valuable metrics for employee coaching.
remotedesk activity tracking tool

RemoteDesk | Perform Benefits


  • Remote workforce management.
  • Employee engagement solutions.
  • Validates WFH compliance.
  • Prevents the risk of data theft/loss.
  • AI-powered employee monitoring.


  • Prevent under-billing of your efforts.
  • Save time and money.
  • Develop a sustainable WFH culture.
  • Minimize administrative tasks.
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remotedesk employer solution