RemoteDesk | Secure

RemoteDesk | Secure offers CIOs, Risk and Compliance Managers AI-based Identity Verification, Remote Workforce Management & Employee Engagement solutions for work-from-home (WFH) compliance and security.

Manager Features & Benefits

– Real-time notifications for potential compliance or security risks
– Aids in enforcing WFH HR, operational, and compliance policies
– Identify trends and patterns in WFH employee behaviour
– Automatically verify the identities of your remote employees
– Engage and coach employees more effectively
– Improve attendance adherence and engagement

RemoteDesk perform is a tool for managers and organizations looking for all-in-one time tracker and billing app, as well as employee productivity tracking software
RemoteDesk secure is India based employee monitoring software that helps to track and increase their productivity of remotely working employees

Corporate Features & Benefits

– Protects against unauthorised user access to company, consumer and client information
– Validates and ensure WFH policies and federal compliance regulations are practiced
– Prevents the risk of data theft/loss through automated AI-powered anomaly detection
– Detects, prevents and reports the use of stealth apps, virtual machines, and more which can result in proprietary damages
– Promotes trust of clients that highest security standards are achieved

Technology Features & Benefits

– Valid ID verification to prevent identity fraud/detect fake identities/impostor violation
– Secure home offices
– Maintain compliance adherence/ensuring employees adhere to WFH policies
– Real-time notifications to prevent potential hackers/compliance infractions
– Screen Lock during inactive hours and breaks
– Stealth App detection – Prevent usage of unauthorised programs
– Identifies and prevents malicious user behaviour like data copy/paste attempts, screen capture, multiple monitors usage, and more Core OS configurations.

RemoteDesk secure is the new-generation employee monitoring software for analysing employee performance at PCs.
RemoteDesk perform Best Employee Monitoring Software for Security Threat Protection

Employee Features & Benefits

– Provides confidence and transparency that compliance is maintained
– Prevent under-billing of your efforts
– Receive constructive feedback and coaching
– Develop a sustainable work-at-home culture
– Save time and money – Reclaim commuting hours, gas, parking
– Minimise administrative tasks – Time-tracking and accountability is automated

RemoteDesk | Secure is available for Mac OS and Windows OS.

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