Adopt a remote workforce with confidence.

Secure Home – Office Work Spaces

Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking Tools

Increase productivity

Ensure against data breaches

Reclaim lost employee time

Leverage your remote workforce

Verify Identities and save money

RemoteDesk is the world’s most advanced AI-based Remote Workforce Management & Employee Monitoring Software for Work-From-Home WFH compliance, productivity and security.

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RemoteDesk offers two solutions :

For HR and Operations Managers

RemoteDesk | Perform

Improve remote
workplace productivity
RemoteDesk | Perform
Best employee monitoring software of 2021 - RemoteDesk
Employee Monitoring Software - Measure & Improve Productivity

For CIOs and Risk Managers

RemoteDesk | Secure

Achieve remote work
compliance & security with

RemoteDesk | Secure

best employee monitoring software in USA 2022

Maximize ROI on every employee

Customize &

RemoteDesk works closely with HR, Legal and Compliance departments to understand their unique secure corporate office work day, and recreate it for the remote home office experience.

Works Remotely
and Securely

Increase your employer brand value and employee perks by empowering your employees with the flexibility to work from home. Confidential client data is encrypted & safeguarded.

and Authentication

The remote agent on-boards the Clean Desk Environment status by the RemoteDesk 3-Point Identity Verification (Facial Scan, ID Scan, and Full System Check).

Review Flagged
Agent Sessions
and Reports

For the manager, RemoteDesk automatically detects, sorts and records compliance infractions with screen-shot evidence & time-stamped video playback.

RemoteDesk is employee monitoring software that analyzes their productivity at their computers.

It’s more than work,
it’s how employees and companies are working from home now.

Today, business leaders are embracing remote or hybrid work arrangements by implementing RemoteDesk in their organizations. 

Our platform offers the world’s most robust remote workforce management technology that focuses on improving employee productivity, work-from-home compliance and security.

Drive organization ROI
through compliance,
security and productivity.

RemoteDesk’s AI-based technology helps managers get real-time alerts to track the time and productivity of remote employees. Its employee monitoring feature helps companies manage projects, verify compliance adherence, prevent insider threats, and measure teams’ productivity with comparative metrics.

employee productivity tracking software

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RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.