Adopt a remote workforce with confidence.

Increase productivity.

Secure confidential information.

Ensure against data breaches.

Reclaim lost employee time.

Leverage your remote workforce.

Verify Identities. And save money.

Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking Tools.

Remotedesk is the world’s most advanced AI-based Remote Workforce Management & Employee Monitoring solution for work-at-home compliance and security.

RemoteDesk offers 10,000 FREE licenses for businesses affected by Coronavirus

In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, Remotedesk by Verificient announces that it will be offering 10,000 (ten thouand) free licences throughout the summer 2020 to qualified businesses that appoint remote employees. This is so that they can monitor the well-being of remotely working employees.

work from home working remotely. Remotedesk is a Remote Workforce management solution & employee monitoring software

Self Inspiring Software For Managing Remote Employees

Remotedesk Is The Best Employee Monitoring Software That Efficiently Tracks An Employee's Work Hours, Productivity And Attendance. With RemoteDesk, Remote Employees Can Choose Where They Live And How They Work.​

For eDiscovery Firms

For eDiscovery Firms

AI enabled virtual supervision technology lets you track employee work flow and maintain accountability. Remotedesk also allows secure document sharing, reporting and compliance management for remote attorneys. 

For Call Centers

For Call Centers

Optimize sales and labor hours at remote call centers through real-time agent monitoring. Contact centers can manage a remote workforce without compromising on employee productivity.

For Corporate


Offload HR compliance and administrative tasks with proficiency. With Remotedesk, human capital management, talent acquisition and contingent workforce recruitment can be realized while controlling hiring costs.

Clean desk policy

Why it matters for teleworking

A Clean Desk Policy is not only ISO 27001/17799 compliance, but it's also part of standard basic privacy controls. But how do you enforce it for work-at-home contractors and remote employees?

Over 2.5 million identity verification and monitoring sessions delivered including:


Over 73 Million were reported in 2018.

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Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured eDiscovery for Bicoastal Legal. Remotedesk is a Remote Workforce management solution & employee monitoring software.


Remotedesk delivers over 30,000 hours of secured eDiscovery for Bicoastal Legal

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Remotedesk delivers remote worker management, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.