Empower Global
Teams with

Continuous Facial Scan Verification
AI-powered eDLP Security
Compliance Management - HIPAA PHI, PCI DSS
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Having trouble with security and compliance
in your Anywhere workforce?

Is Your Employee's Home Office Secure?

Unauthorised access and home office security concerns highlight the significance of a clean desk policy and secure remote data handling.

How Do You Know If It's My Employee Working?

Growing doubts about password security lead to worries over the true identity of those accessing sensitive data.

Are You Meeting Data Protection Regulations like HIPAA PHI or PCI DSS?

Fears of not meeting HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA standards highlight the risks of legal and financial repercussions from non-compliance.

Could My Employees Unintentionally Compromise Data?

Concerns over employees unintentionally becoming security risks highlight the potential of insider threats to sensitive data.

Who we are

We Help Companies Unlock, Secure and Compliant Work in Any Work Environment

RemoteDesk is an Enterprise Security Solution, Powered by AI Continuous Face verification as and Aditional 2FA/MFA Layer with compliance enforcement like Clean Desk, HIPAA PHI & PCI DSS in all work settings.


Secure eDLP

A Complete 360 Degree AI-Based Data & Privacy Security, Compliance, Business Continuity Solution



Real-time Facial Scan Verification, Authentication and Monitoring


Zero Knowledge

Optimum Security without any Biometric data storage

Scalable All-in-One Solution for
Compliance, Security and Workforce Analytics

Scale Your Global Teams Compliantly & Securely

RemoteDesk Secure eDLP

Guard the PHI and PCI data from any breach with RemoteDesk. Utilize continuous facial verification AI technology to verify authorized users and prevent unauthorized access, effortlessly safeguarding the data.

Secure Data compliance (HIPAA PHI, PCI DSS) and privacy
Continuous Face Scan, User behaviour and Analytics
Data Risk Security & Threat Mitigation
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Make Work From Anywhere More Secure in Real-Time

RemoteDesk Face-Auth

Strengthen your security posture with RemoteDesk's facial authentication, offering a seamless yet secure way to verify identities and enforce compliance.

Continuous Workforce Face verification & Authentication
Real-time Imposter and Spoof Detection and Breach prevention
Malicious and Insider activity Detection and Risk Mitigation
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Password-Free Compliance and Data Security

RemoteDesk Zero Knowledge

Ensure Employee Accountability and safeguard PHI, PCI, and PII data while sharing Zero Knowledge about employees to ensure their privacy.

Malicious and Insider activity Detection and Risk Mitigation
Safeguard sensitive and personal data
Secure Data compliance (HIPAA PHI, PCI DSS) and privacy
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See How Fortune 500 Companies Have Benefited Using RemoteDesk

60 Thousand

Compliance Checks
Every Month

6 %

Savings on
Operational Costs

21 %

Increase in Employee
Work Management

30 Million

Face Verified & Authenticated Every Month

Unlocking Possibilities

BYOD Workforce
3rd Party Vendor Compliance Management
Zero Trust
Business Continuity
Probation & Notice Period Compliance
Clean Desk Policy
Employee Accountability Management
Work and Security Compliance - PHI & PCI

BYOD Workforce

Empower BYOD with Secure, Seamless Authentication

RemoteDesk enhances BYOD strategies with face verification technology, ensuring employees use their devices safely without compromising data integrity or privacy, aligning with stringent security protocols.

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Third-Party Vendor Compliance Mangement

Ensuring Vendor Compliance Through Advanced Verification

RemoteDesk streamlines vendor compliance with continuous face-ID authentication, safeguarding against unauthorized access and ensuring adherence to critical data protection standards.

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Zero Trust

Implementing Zero Trust with Zero Knowledge Proof Verification & Authentication

With RemoteDesk, adopt a Zero Trust security with Zero Knowledge through continuous employee and vendor verification, minimizing risks and reinforcing data protection without intruding on privacy.

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Business Continuity

Guarantee Continuity with Robust Security Measures

RemoteDesk supports business continuity plans with ID-face monitoring and real-time compliance enforcement, ensuring operations remain uninterrupted even in critical situations.

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Enhanced Security with Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication

RemoteDesk offers a cutting-edge MFA/2FA solution, using face-ID verification to strengthen access controls and protect against unauthorized access in a user-friendly manner.

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Probation and Notice Period Compliance

Maintain Compliance During Sensitive Employment Phases

RemoteDesk ensures that employees on notice or probation adhere to company policies and compliance requirements through meticulous ID and face verification.

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Clean Desk Policy

Securing Workspaces with Clean Desk Enforcement

RemoteDesk's technology enforces a clean desk policy, crucial for maintaining a secure and compliant work environment by preventing data leaks and ensuring privacy.

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Employee Accountability Management

Boosting Accountability with Real-Time Monitoring

RemoteDesk fosters employee accountability by leveraging face verification for continuous authentication, thereby enhancing security and compliance across all work settings.

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Work and Security Compliance

Upholding PHI & PCI Standards with Precision

RemoteDesk secures sensitive information by enforcing stringent compliance with PHI and PCI standards through real-time alerts and advanced data protection measures.

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RemoteDesk Core Mechanism

Secure Data, Efficient Compliance Management,
Continuous Anywhere Workforce Authentication

Endpoint Environmental
Data Loss Prevention
AI-Powered Employee
Facial & ID Recognition
& Authentication
Imposter Shoulder Surfing
and Spoof Detection
& Mitigation
Compliance Monitoring
Security Compliance
Enforce Cleandesk Policy
Real-time Insider Anomaly
Detection & Mitigation
Zero Knowledge Proof
& Authentication

Why Us

How RemoteDesk is Different ?

Vetted by Key Industry CISO’s, CSO's, CTO's & Global Team Managers
Gives 360* Visibility on Data Security
Empower Work-From-Anywhere Compliance
Easy and Secure Business Continuity Process
Complete Remote, Hybrid and In-Office Business Risk Management
SOC II Compliant
GDPR, CCPA Compliant
HIPAA PHI, PCI DSS, PII Compliant Security


Trusted by Thousands Across
35+ Countries

“RemoteDesk saved our key business with financial clients and helped us win the client’s confidence again during adverse scenarios. It’s been 3 years to provide trust and credibility to our client through RemoteDesk while our employees work remotely”

- VP, Delivery Excellence, Indian MNC IT Services & Consulting company.

"Remote work is great, but protecting data is key for the organization. It's like, 'Hey, we get it, our data is safe.' Plus, it has made me realize why it matters. Cool tech, better peace of mind. Love it!"

- Remote Employee, Full-service pharmacy provider that facilitates the complete medication dispensing process for sub-acute and long-term care facilities.


Answer For Your Doubts

What is RemoteDesk?

RemoteDesk, is a trusted partner to revolutionize the way organizations safeguard their sensitive information and ensure compliance in today's dynamic work environment. It specializes in providing advanced solutions that leverage the power of Computer Vision AI to address the evolving challenges of remote work and data protection. Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of modern businesses.

How does RemoteDesk ensure compliance with regulations like PHI, HIPAA and PCI DSS?

RemoteDesk's compliance monitoring framework is designed to enforce and maintain compliance with key regulations, including PHI HIPAA, and PCI DSS, through continuous monitoring and intelligent alerts for any potential violations.

Can RemoteDesk integrate with our existing security and productivity tools?

Yes, RemoteDesk offers seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of security and productivity tools, enhancing your existing workflows without disrupting operations.

How does RemoteDesk handle remote and hybrid workforce management?

RemoteDesk provides tools for continuous monitoring, including work session records and real-time anomaly detection, ensuring efficient management of both remote and hybrid workforces with customizable settings to fit your company's needs.

What types of analytics and reporting does RemoteDesk offer?

RemoteDesk's compliance monitoring framework is designed to enforce and maintain compliance with key regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, through continuous monitoring and intelligent alerts for any potential violations.