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Remote work has come a long way from being called the “new fad”. Digital nomads and teleworkers are not just fancy words anymore. Companies are readily embracing remote work as an essential part of their core business strategy. Remote work, however, is not only confined to employees that work from home. It also includes those who work out of an office, with a flexible schedule and companies who appoint virtual teams to work remotely

Although many companies hesitate to hire remote employees, studies have shown that remote workers are actually more productive than their office-based counterparts. 

Here are six reasons why companies should hire remote workers-

Cuts operational costs

Business Costs by Employing a Remote Workforce. hiring remote workers for businesses cutting cost. Remotedesk is solution for remote worker

The biggest benefit to companies is that they can downsize their office space. Remote hiring companies see a significant reduction in expenses related to a fully equipped and staffed office. 60% of businesses believe that cost savings are a big motivation for hiring remote employees. Depending on the size of the business, reduced office spaces can save companies up to $2000 per employee each year.

Better talent aquisition

The best way to convince a hiring manager that it is not possible to secure high-level talent at a low salary.The job of a good recruiter, therefore, is to make the hiring decision a very hard one for the hiring manager

Technology today has enabled companies to hire work from home agents solely based on skill and proficiency. Hiring managers believe being able to hire remote workers lets them find more talented staff. Moreover, companies can hire employees from different time zones, potentially allowing them to operate round the clock.

Employee retention made easy

Remote working jobs are a highly preferred work prospect for employees. Companies that offer flexible work options enjoy higher employee retention since it is a simple yet effective work model. In fact, organizations are already implementing this mutually beneficial model to build trust and loyalty with their existing employees. 

Boost in productivity

work remotely with the help of remotedesk. remote workers productivity when working remotely, worked from home or work from anywhere

Remote employees enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and at any time. This can drastically improve work productivity mainly because employees don’t have to spend long hours commuting. The ability to work on their strengths with minimum distractions brings more value to the employer’s time and work. According to a PGi report, nearly 82% of remote workers report that telecommuting reduces stress, and 80% report that remote working improves their morale.

Reduced employee turnover costs

According to Employee Benefit News (EBN), it costs employers 33% of an employee’s annual salary to hire a replacement. Hiring and training costs can eventually add up to $15,000 for every new replacement. Instead, companies can hire remote workers who are more productive and less likely to leave- considering that 90% of employees would leave their job if they had an option to work remotely.

It’s eco-friendly

By eliminating commutes, carbon emissions are drastically reduced. Not commuting for even half a week each week could reduce greenhouse gasses by 54 million tons every year! Paper, electricity, and heating make up for a huge chunk of office expenses and a flexible remote work policy cuts this cost by a significant level. 

RemoteDesk showcasing at the Remote Aid 2020 Conference, is a free charity event for companies and remote employees, who are struggling with emergency work from home practices

Remotedesk- managing a remote workforce has never been easier.

With Remotedesk’s employee monitoring capabilities, employers can ensure complete transparency and accountability of the work being done. It is also a self inspiring tool for employees to track their productivity and adhere to company policies- all without sacrificing their privacy.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.