Be Mindful Of Data Breaches! Achieve Data Loss Prevention With RemoteDesk

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Are you aware of the risk of insider threats? Do you have a track of remote employees snooping on the company’s confidential data? Or is your business able to identify the grey area in a work-from-home scenario? Well, let’s cut to the chase. A remote working atmosphere has its highs and lows. And the biggest downside to it is data security. When you run a business remotely, with a broader employee strength, it becomes difficult to cover such data threats. As a result, companies now look up to a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) software to maintain data security.  

What is Data Loss Prevention Software?

information technology data breaches. Data Security is matter in manufacturing sector

Data Loss Prevention software or a DLP solution helps detect potential hackers and insider threats, who indulge in data thefts. The software monitors and identifies such fraudulent activities that may cause a threat to the organization’s confidential information. In the light of Coronavirus, where everyone’s adopted remote work policy, a DLP tool makes a difference in maintaining data security. 

The relevance of a data loss prevention (DLP) software

Employee security

1. Objective : 

A DLP software helps prevent the organization from malicious data losses. 

2. Protects sensitive data : 

 DLP can help prevent theft by employees having access to an organization’s sensitive data. Internal workers have access to confidential data that they might misuse for financial gains. It can help control non-productive and data risky activities. DLP can help prevent loss of reputation, loss of credibility, and loss of revenue.

3. Security against BYOD policy :

Allowing Bring Your Own Device or BYOD has elevated the risk of data theft. Hence, it would be better for the enterprise to implement a robust employee monitoring solution to steer clear of insider threats. 

4. Cloud Security :

A data loss prevention (DLP) software helps prevent data stored online or on cloud platforms.

Looking out ways to achieve data security? Count on RemoteDesk!

Remotedesk is AI-based remote workforce management solution for work-at-home compliance and security.

Believe it or not, but insider threats are for real. Data copy attempts or thefts are something latent which may dampen the security of a company. And therefore, to curb the risk of these hidden yet dreadful threats, RemoteDesk comes to the rescue. 

RemoteDesk is a data loss prevention and an employee monitoring tool. It is an AI-based solution that securely identifies and safeguards the privacy of a work-from-home agent. It prevents malicious insider breaches and delivers a “Clean Desk” environment to facilitate remote work.

How it benefits employers: 

  • Remotedesk integrates seamlessly into remote work processes and plugs right into VPNs, VDIs, Extranets, etc. to streamline workflow. 
  • Verify your workers’ identity with multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry, and facial recognition throughout, detect illicit behavior by tracking web activity and keystrokes (i.e., copy/paste, print-screen, etc.), and monitoring their workspace. 
  • Identify patterns of misconduct with flagged reports of compliance infractions detected by Remotedesk, complete with screenshot evidence & time-stamped video playback. 

How it benefits employees:

  • Keep your schedule flexible and save money on commute. 
  • Remotedesk is available anytime, anywhere, on-demand with auxiliary breaks whenever you want, at the click of a button. 
  • Verify Billable Hours: prove the time you put in and get paid for it.

Recent Examples of Major Data Breach Mishaps!

Twitter Hacking Incident

the importance of software security

The social media platform fell prey to hackers, who hacked verified Twitter accounts of high profile US personalities like those of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Bill Gates, and many more. 

Out of 130 targeted accounts, hackers were able to reset 45 user accounts’ passwords. They posted fake tweets from these accounts, offering to send $2000 for $1000 shipped to an unknown Bitcoin address. 

Stolen Zoom Passwords

The most used video conferencing app also became a victim of the data breach. In the first week of April 2020, the news of “500,000 stolen Zoom passwords available for sale in dark web crime forums” alarmed the application users. 

More than half a million Zoom account login credentials were up for sale, and some of the credentials for free. 

Marriott Data Breach Attempt

On March 31st, 2020, Marriott, a well-known hotel chain, unveiled a security breach. The unfortunate incident impacted the data of more than 5.2 million hotel guests, who used their company’s loyalty application.

The data included personal details such as their names, birth dates, contact numbers, travel information, etc.

Likewise, there are thousands of stories that take the internet by storm with such news. Along with awareness, companies need to understand the importance of mitigating such risks. After all, in today’s time, where the world functions online, one must take the right step to achieve data security and protection

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.