Confidently Appoint Remote Call Center Agents With Remotedesk.

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Remote call centers are more than a trend

In today’s big data world, contact centers have become an integral part of businesses. Time-intensive tasks like staffing and managing customer support, lead generation teams are being outsourced to call centers/BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. As companies become increasingly dependent on online helpdesks, call centers are moving their operations away from jam-packed offices. To cope with peak seasons and round-the-clock working hours, call centers are going remote.

What is a remote call center?

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As the name suggests, a remote call center/virtual call center is a call center whose employees work from remote locations. High-speed internet and cloud-powered VoIPs have allowed companies to hire workers from a global pool for work-from-home call center jobs. Let’s see how remote call centers and BPOs can implement simple tools to improve the workflow for their remotely working employees.

How can companies expand their remote work capabilities?

Remote call centers can promote a ‘work from anywhere’ culture by equipping their remote contact software with these essential features.

Employee monitoring

With remote employee monitoring tools, managers can stay abreast of their virtual call center agents. Irrespective of their location, remote monitoring software can track employee productivity and can double as a call monitoring tool. To ensure consistency in work and conduct, managers can also carry out live session checks and interventions. 

Virtual team management software

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Time is of the essence for contact centers and scheduling 24×7 customer support is not easy. A remote call center management software like Remotedesk can make this job more manageable. Managers can coordinate the call flow, call volume and work schedule with remote teams while work-from-home agents can clock their day accordingly; thereby bringing more flexibility. 

Confidentiality and compliance tool

Employee monitoring is the right of an employer, provided there are no privacy or security breaches. Since client data is handled on a large scale, call centers must ensure that they abide by government norms and cybersecurity policies. Ultimately, the tool should encrypt client calls, record client-employee activity, and secure confidential documents.

Final thoughts

According to A.T. Kearney, the total number of call center workers in the US is nearly 2.4 million, which is about to increase with digitalization in full throttle. Sooner or later, remote call centers will have to gear up for this shift. Integrating their pre-existing contact software with Remotedesk can not only bring accountability and transparency within virtual teams but also deliver compliance, security, and employee productivity.

RemoteDesk delivers employee engagement, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.