Data Security is above all – Lessen the Risk of Insider Threats with Remotedesk!

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In a bid to create a trusted and employee-driven workplace, businesses may face security risk that originates from within the organization. The notion that a company entails trusted employees, vendors, or other associated people is still a fallacy, more so in the light of remote work culture. As a result, adopting an insider threat management solution has become imperative for thriving businesses.

With Remotedesk Insider Threat detection software, automatically observe anomalous behavior and threat indicators to isolate outliers and minimize risk. costs of data breaches and data leakage prevention

What is an Insider Threat?

An insider threat is a dreadful threat to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors, business associates, or vendors who have access to the company’s internal data. Their prime consideration is to sabotage the company’s sensitive data, indulge in intellectual property theft, and practice fraudulent activities for financial gains. 

The knowbe4 2019 pans out that a majority of corporations (86%) – have proactively amplified security initiatives over the last year to combat the increase in cybersecurity attacks and data breaches. In an attempt to create a secure working environment, businesses in recent times look forward to installing an insider threat detection software, for safety purposes.

How to mitigate Insider Threats with Remotedesk?

Identity verification is a must!

Verificient end-to-end ID and identity verification and authentication solutions fight fraud, maintain compliance and onboard good customers faster.

One pertinent way to achieve secured and successful document management is through constant identity verification.  With Remotedesk’s AI-enabled employee monitoring software, companies can verify the identity of their remote employees with multi-factor biometric authentication (Facial scan and ID scan) upon entry.

Indulge in behavior analysis.

Remotedesk provides an insider threat prevention solution by detecting illicit behavior of the employees. Employers can easily identify patterns of misconduct with flagged reports of compliance infractions,  along with screenshot evidence & time-stamped video playback.

A go-to tool for data loss prevention.

In today’s time,  data breaches and malicious threats are a part of every organization. To prevent the loss of confidential data, Remotedesk, an insider threat detection software, provides real-time alerts to the supervisors of a company in case of any suspicious activity, ensuring a clean and secure environment.

Remotedesk - a security blanket for every business!

For every organization,  diligent employee monitoring and an insider threat management solution is paramount to ensure security.  Remotedesk is an AI-based software that securely monitors remote workers while providing clear transparency, accountability, work-at-home policy compliance, and risk management for outsourcing initiatives.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.