Employee Monitoring or Time Tracking? Which Solution to Choose?

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Due to the pandemic, businesses rushed to begin working remotely, and the notion of employee monitoring became the standard.

Managers were no longer allowed to check in on their staff in person. Businesses that had previously been suspicious about remote work were now enacting work-from-home rules on the fly. Other organizations enthusiastically embraced remote work, promising teams that they could work from anywhere at any time.

Employee monitoring is a trend in which businesses track work, employee performance, and work in progress using digital tools. Companies use different monitoring systems to analyze productivity, track attendance, assess conduct, maintain security, and gather documentation of hours worked. Employee monitoring encompasses a wide range of activities, from the evidence of work capture to blatant surveillance.

Types of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring differs widely based on the program and sector. Work monitoring tools provide a variety of features and data.

  • Internet and app usage
  • Screen video and capture

Team members can clock in and out at the push of a button thanks to employee time tracking tools. They have control over when they work and may pause the timer at any moment if they need to take a break.

best employee monitoring software 2021

Employees may keep track of how long they work each day. And, depending on the tool, how long they spent working on a project or job.

Time monitoring software evaluates and optimizes working business time on projects down to the second. Employee time tracking software is easy for better project planning, verification of work, and budgeting. We are the only tool you will ever need for monitoring time on projects and tasks, productivity, and effectiveness, regardless of industry.

The accomplishments were clear for that day. Managers may utilize future employee time tracking software data to build more accurate estimations and budgets.

Many sectors manage time for their teams, including agencies, developers, attorneys, and consultants.

Employee Monitoring or Time Tracking may appear comparable when seen through the primary purposes they serve. Still, when examined more closely, there are several reasons to prefer Employee Monitoring over Employee Time Tracking. We have produced a comparison chart so you can compare their features, and below that are extensive descriptions of the comparisons between both apps.

Several factors contribute to the success of a firm. Employee quality, procedures in place, managerial strategies, and incentive structure, to mention a few. But, perhaps, none has a more significant influence on success than time. Or, more specifically, how you employ it.

Consider this: time intertwines with every aspect of your business. From when employees arrive and go to what they accomplish, how projects planning and execution happen, how payments calculations happen, and budget preparation happens, all the way down to whether the figure at the bottom of your balance sheet is red or black.

So it’s no leap to claim that using an employee time tracking app to measure, analyze, and optimize your time may radically revolutionize the way you do business. So, how exactly? Continue reading to find out.

Streamlining Workflow, Processes & Progress

Is the project substantially over budget? Is it taking longer than expected? A time tracker for work allows you to evaluate time data collected and pinpoint what went wrong. Time tracking covers frequent problems such as understaffing, overstaffing, hiring the wrong personnel, bottlenecks, and inadequate workflow management.

In a nutshell, time management software implies more precise deadlines, progress monitoring, and deliveries. And if things start to go wrong, you may make genuine course changes quickly. Instead of rushing after deadlines and budgets have passed.

What is the difference between Time Tracking Software and Employee Monitoring Software?

1. Time Tracking Software :

Web-based employee time tracking software, as the name implies, is a software program commonly used to analyze all time spent on activities to finish a project.

2. Employee Monitoring Software :

Employee tracking software, as the name implies, is a software program that tracks the data of all workers who work inside a business.

RemoteDesk Employee Monitor has the following fantastic features:

  • Increases Employee Productivity
  • Increases workplace security
  • Aids in the detection of insider threats. Offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions
  • Provides the Best Return on Investment

The Pros for Employers and Employees

Employee monitoring software may benefit entrepreneurs, executives, team leaders, and employees.

Let's look at the most prevalent advantages to pick which approach is best for you.

  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Improved proactiveness
  • Useful employee insights
  • Wellbeing and fairness
  • Security

Productivity Measurement

Since there are various tools available to assess your employees’ productivity, none compare to RemoteDesk, which is as simple and comprehensive for you to analyze the evidence in the most informative manner. You can assess your employees’ productivity by knowing their login time and productive hours, but it doesn’t end there.

When it comes to following your employees’ activity on their computers via keys, RemoteDesk, the finest employee monitoring software tool, can help. A detailed report will not only show you the specifics of each keystroke but will also show you the user’s login and logout timestamps.

productvity monitoring app

Improved Transparency and Resource Allocation

Employee monitoring can significantly influence your team’s ability to synchronize. Whether you have access to data from every employee, you can receive substantial and granular perspectives of what’s happening at any moment.

Delegation and Control

The more you know about every employee’s skills and shortcomings, the greater the ability to manage.

Successful delegation promotes teamwork, assists individuals in developing their abilities, boosts corporate productivity, builds team trust, and allows everyone to focus on the larger picture.

It also helps staff feel appreciated. As a result, rates of happiness and retention rise.

With the appropriate employee monitoring software, you can streamline administrative functions like payroll, invoicing, and more.

How to choose an employee monitoring system

There are many options for streamlining job tracking, so you don’t have to utilize them all. Consider the following to help you limit your options.

The three big questions

Before you put any new system through its paces, ask yourself three questions.

  1. Does it increase the productivity of our teams?
  2. Will it assist our company in avoiding liabilities?
  3. How it will assist our company in detecting problems before they occur?

If you work in a project-based team and use tools like Asana, Trello, or JIRA, you can now easily measure time spent on tasks. Such tools help to accomplish an intelligent task time tracker which interfaces with standard project management systems, which recognize time on activities depending on their state and progress. Remember that time management programs also feature a project management system, so you don’t have to pay for two separate tools.

Should You Use It?

Purely said, if you already have a project management system in place, it makes sense to integrate it with time tracking software such as Workpuls, which offers an easy-to-use API and ready-to-go integrations. Using employee time tracking that automatically records depending on task and project completion, you’ll gain new data insights into task and project time, allowing you to optimize your workflow, personnel allocation, and billing. Furthermore, it removes one administrative layer from your processes.

You’re probably aware of the benefits of staff monitoring to improve productivity, effectiveness, and cost-cutting. The only way to indeed purchase the best employee monitoring software for your company is to try it first and evaluate the demo. 

RemoteDesk delivers remote worker management while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.

Do you require any further assistance? Now is the time to schedule a free one-on-one demo.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.