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With the surge in demand for remote work from employees, tracking them became necessary. Managers constantly need advanced technology and more innovative tools to ensure that their remote workforce works efficiently. On the other hand, employees seek the proper acknowledgment of their work and less invasive work tracking. Along with activity tracking, ensuring cyber security for employees is also a critical task. So in total productivity, security and accountability remain at the center of discussion for the usability of the employee tracking activity

Let us see why and how having Employee Screen Monitoring Software can help organizations have a better chance of being successful with a remote workforce.

What is Employee Screen Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software with Screen Activity Recording

New-age employees want everything, and they want to achieve professional heights without compromising on their personal life. During the pandemic, one thing was clear: businesses could operate without needing employees in a confined space. Remote work culture was explored and promoted to retain the employees and ensure the survival of companies. Simultaneously, management understood that the remote workforce is more prone to witness employee productivity decline and data security threats. To combat the situation, companies started using remote screen monitoring software.

This software fills the void of having a supervisor around the employees to track their performance. Essential requirements such as cyber security, imposter threats, and data breaches are manageable through these remote work tracking solutions. Ultimately having the best employee monitoring software was a win-win for employees and companies. As companies started gaining control over their remote workforce performances and employees received appropriate compensation for the efforts they put in. 

Why Should You Track Employees?

best employee monitoring software

In a professional setup, things can not function optimally. Mutual trust is necessary but using a standard procedure to manage and monitor tasks is always advisable. Hence, companies having a remote workforce should use tracking tools.

• Attendance Adherence

A significant issue company with remote workforce face is having employees adhere to the attendance norms. It is physically impossible for organizations to monitor if the employees are working on their respective systems and are completing the work. Having user activity monitoring software in use does help in improving attendance as employees will have a sense of alertness that they are working along a monitoring software.

• Productivity Enhancement

Using employee screen recording software can significantly help track their productivity. Features where you can follow their idle vs. active time, keystroke movements, and employee desktop monitoring can be a great aid in understanding the working pattern of your employees. Using screen capture employee monitoring, appropriate and timely feedback is possible for employees for their lag indicators.

• Cyber Security from External Threats

Organizations face numerous attempts from malware and dangerous external cyber elements for data, access, and information invasion. Employees receive multiple emails and links, which lead them to all these dangerous cyber territories. Because of their one mistake, the whole organization faces catastrophic downtime. To prevent such incidences usage of intelligent employee monitoring software is crucial.

• Internal Data Breach and Restricted Data Access Management

Not just external threats but data needs protection from internal employees. A simple example is that employees from the sales team should not have access to the data and information of HR and Finance. Appropriate access restrictions should be in place to prevent unauthorized data access.

Essential Features of Employee Screen Monitoring Tool

• Time Tracking

One of the most necessary and crucial features of any live computer monitoring program is the ability to track the time an employee spends working on their system. Having a clear segregation between idle and active time can paint a very realistic picture regarding employee work efficiency for the manager. Therefore, when selecting employee screen monitoring tools for your remote workforce, the time tracking feature is simply a must.

• Imposter Threat Detection and Continuous Identity Verification

The threat of having an imposter trying to penetrate the closed digital walls of the organization is a real threat in today’s time. The employee monitoring software should have high-quality security features of identity authentication throughout the working session with the employee. 

• Data Access Restriction

Along with tracking the employee work efforts, the remote employee monitoring solution should also be able to put the right kinds of restrictions on the employee while accessing data and information within the organization’s digital infrastructure. The software should offer customization for altering the correct type of access controls.

• Virtual Machine and Stealth App Detection

Along with the advancement of the tracking mechanism for remote employees, the tricks to dodge these digital barricades are also innovative. Virtual machines and stealth applications can bypass the security infrastructure to accomplish malicious goals.

• Real-Time Violation Alerts

Live screen monitoring software should notify the managers of probable threats in real-time. Having lag or delay in identifying data or imposter threats can be dangerous for any organization. At least specific critical alerts must alert the managers immediately.

• Continuous Customer Support

Before choosing any remote workforce management solution, you must check how robust the client support is. In the event of any glitch or confusion, the software provider should be able to intervene and amend the problem promptly. Hence, Any delay or lethargy in this matter can cost millions, which is unacceptable.

Why is RemoteDesk Most Trusted for Remote Work Monitoring?

RemoteDesk is an award-winning employee monitoring software operating on a global scale. It has two comprehensive products to serve specific purposes for remote employees. The staff monitoring software from RemoteDesk leverages AI and machine learning to ensure employee productivity monitoring, security, and compliance for remote workforces.

RemoteDesk helps companies to customize and configure the environments to suit their requirements. Furthermore, the system’s biometric authentication and real-time violation alert work as a robust wall to prevent most cyber threats. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make RemoteDesk the best PC monitoring software for the remote workforce.

Lead Remote Workforce With Confidence:

Undoubtedly, having a remote workforce working for you is a boon in today’s time. You can choose from a wider pool of talent, and keeping them happy is easier as they will have the flexibility to work from their place of choice. At the same time, ensuring your organization gets reasonable productive hours and security against cyber threats becomes a priority. Rather than relying on human wisdom, companies should use more intelligent employee monitoring software to accomplish these tasks. The tracking software can grant transparency and accountability on both sides and act as a fair mediator. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.