Enjoy a productive remote work trip with RemoteDesk

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As we all know, it has been almost a year into the global pandemic and the work from home routine. The pandemic has indeed been a pivot point for many organizations, taking significant steps in changing their pre-pandemic work policies. From flexible work models to virtual infrastructure and remote work software, we observed a massive transformation in the traditional business setups during the last year. Additionally, businesses now continue to enhance these flexible working models furthermore. 

The increasing work-from-anywhere trend

How to Travel and Work Remotely- Remotedesk

Spotify, an audio streaming and media service provider, is adopting a “Work from Anywhere” model. It will allow employees to work remotely or from the office. They will get to choose whether they wish to be in the office full time, be at home, or combine the two.

Salesforce, an American cloud-based software company, also announced a new “Work From Anywhere” policy for its staff recently. Likewise, there is an increasing number of companies that are looking forward to permanent work-from-home models. 

Work-from-anywhere has become the perfect opportunity for hodophiles!

many Companies That Have Switched to Long-Term Remote Work

Digital nomads are clearly on cloud nine, seeing the flexible working policies. Their dream of living their time while working from anywhere has become quite apparent with the new norms. In addition to flexibility, remote work has also enriched the productivity levels of employees. 

But what seems divergent now is that we’re no longer talking about digital nomads. Remote work has benefited all those travel lovers who typically hit the road, whenever they wish to, basically who can travel all the time. 

The digital nomad community is gaining momentum.

Remote work has introduced digitization in the last year and has become a rewarding experience for hotels, beaches, and resort owners. One of the most recent examples is a picturesque village in Portugal dedicated to the digital nomads entirely. Sounds impressive, right?

Portugal’s Madeira Islands has created the first-ever digital nomad village for remote workers. The village will host several remote workers’ events to boost togetherness in a digital nomad community. 

Employees and corporate workers from around the globe can enjoy their staycation while working in this beautiful, sun-drenched location for a period of one to six months. 

Benefits of a remote work trip

Here’s a rundown on the perks that digital nomads enjoy. 

1. Flexibility

Location independence and flexible working hours are some of the striking benefits for digital nomads. They get to choose a temporary location, where they can create their own office space and work. Hence, they live their dream of exploring different places without compromising their professional life. 

2. Personal growth as an individual

As a digital nomad, you repeatedly expose yourself to new adventures and challenges. A new location will open new opportunities to meet different people, like-minded or varied from your personality. It helps you change your perception and makes you more open-minded and confident. On top of that, these qualities are also essential in your work culture. New adventurous experiences also help individuals improve their problem-solving skills and make them accountable for their journey. 

3. Mental well-being and peace

benefits of remote work—for both employees and managers

The most significant advantage of the digital nomad lifestyle is its freedom from the 9-to-5 pattern. It helps you keep away from formal shirts and ties, morning alarms, and tiring boardroom meetings. Remote working allows you to be more responsible and a good decision-maker. It helps you work in a way that is the most productive and efficient for you. Hence, remote work saves you from office politics and grapevine communication and lets you work in a peaceful environment. 

While the remote work trip has many benefits, it may also lead to unavoidable distractions that a remote worker may experience. To make the remote work trip more effective, companies can implement a remote workforce management system or tools to help the digital nomads create an office-like workplace wherever they go. 

How RemoteDesk helps remote nomads to be more efficient and successful?

RemoteDesk is an automated monitoring solution that helps manage a remote workforce, monitor employee’s desktop activity, and measure each employee’s productivity levels. 

1. It helps you travel light!

Best Companies for Working From Home

A travel lover aims to take short trips to different locations and hence, prefers to pack light. In this case, if a remote worker wishes to work and travel simultaneously, the RemoteDesk application makes their journey more comfortable. RemoteDesk doesn’t demand a complex infrastructure. All you need to do is download the app on your laptop, undergo an onboarding process, and begin your work shift. Thus, it delivers a Clean Desk work Environment wherever you travel. 

2. Explore and be productive: A definite win-win

RemoteDesk is the most user-friendly application that allows remote employees to complete their work shifts in a dedicated time frame. Hence, it motivates them to finish their to-dos even if they are out and about without hampering their work from home productivity.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.