Future of work in Australia

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Work culture post 2020 has seen a drastic change, partly due to choice but mostly because of necessity. The year taught almost every industry that work-from-anywhere is sustainable and doesn’t impact productivity. A closer look at Australian workplace trends shows that work-from-home gained significant popularity in Australia, even before Covid-19. According to a report, nearly a third of employed Australians were regularly working from home by August 2019. 

Support for remote work

Remote working policy australia

A November 2020 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that 30% of Australians would like to continue working from home even after the pandemic restrictions get lifted. 

A University of Sydney Transport Opinion Survey found that three out of four Australian remote workers believed that their supervisors would presumably support them working from home even if there is relief in Covid-19 restrictions. 

The above statistics raise a question: How has remote work evolved, and what metrics helped Australian businesses thrive in the age of remote work?

  • Adoption of AI-enabled technologies
  • Remote work accelerated the gig economy.
  • Hiring a self-motivated and accountable workforce
  • Productivity tracking tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Remote work policy

It goes without saying that technology is at the core of remote work and its continued success. Be it business leaders, policymakers, or employers, they must rely on various tools to operate efficiently. While some businesses operate entirely from remote locations, there are cases where a partial return-to-office is underway, and companies look forward to adopting a hybrid working model. In other words, each company will have a different culture that requires a new, well-rounded strategy, and of course, the right technology. 

1. Hybrid or remote, technology will scale up productivity levels.

Online work from home australia

Inarguably, technology in business has become critical today and in the years to come. This means that leaders will need to promote a constructive and flexible work environment to achieve maximum productivity. 

From an employer’s perspective, if employees work from multiple places, it isn’t easy to measure and track employee productivity. Whereas, if half of the workforce is in the office and half at homes, it will be equally critical for leaders to have complete focus on all. This shows that even if there is a partial return to offices, businesses will have to find an appropriate way of evaluating productivity. In such scenarios, technology comes in handy. One of the best advantages of productivity tracking tools is that it helps employers get automated reports. It also makes the entire employee monitoring process much simplified. 

RemoteDesk: Easy-to-use employee productivity tracking software

Workplace productivity- How much does remote working impact on productivity

RemoteDesk is the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology that is helping businesses thrive in a remote world. It is an industry-leading employee productivity monitoring software that accurately measures remote staff’s time and daily productivity. 

It makes it easier for employers:

The application distinguishes between employees’ idle and active time during a monitoring session to determine billable and non-billable hours. It helps you monitor real-time through automated technology, providing accurate activity reports of each remote worker. 

2. Technology generates greater accountability.

Working remotely for australian company

Remote work or no remote work, a sense of accountability is such work ethic that helps you eliminate the ‘blame game.’ 

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.

Charles Buxton

The above quote distinctly explains the importance of accountability for an effective work environment. Furthermore, accountability is key to an influential culture because it reminds people that their work matters. It also reminds them of being accountable and responsible for their tasks, even in a remote work environment

RemoteDesk: Empowers an effective remote working environment

Global remote workers, Hybrid workforce

RemoteDesk is a time tracking software that eliminates the manual element of keeping records of an employee’s activity throughout the day. The application is fully automated. The time spent working is automatically recorded, collected, and sent to the supervisor’s ‘activity ‘dashboard. Additionally, it records the number of breaks each employee takes. 

The software has created a remote-friendly environment by making employees accountable for their own tasks, even if they are not in their supervisors’ sight. It creates an office-like space that helps them work with agility and motivation, without any distractions. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.