The Good and Bad: Employee Monitoring

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The dot com generation wants flexibility in their work life by leveraging technology and the internet. Conversely, the management has severe concerns over productivity challenges, data security, and staff tracking issues. The issues at both ends are genuine and need serious attention. However, one has to find a middle ground and make the situation a win-win for both. The solution is a simple “staff tracking app.” 

Let us weigh both sides by understanding the pros and cons of using employee monitoring software. 

Disadvantages of employee monitoring software

• Privacy Issues

employee activity monitoring software

A specific set of employees always feel that having an employee monitoring software installed in their system will invade their privacy. Such remote employees also fear that staff tracking software is like overstepping into their personal space. In cases when the productivity monitoring technology fails to provide the required assurance that they will never misuse the data and recording collected for staff tracking benefits purpose also raise eyebrows of the employee to surround the credibility of the entire process

• Trust Concerns

Sometimes from an emotional point of view, employees feel that the management is displaying trust issues by implementing employee monitoring software. This reason can cause a bitter equation between the employees and the administration. Employees may feel that management has doubts about their professional sincerity and integrity. This issue is manageable by continuously reinforcing the objective of implementing productivity monitoring software

• System Complexities

When the remote workforce monitoring software has compatibility issues with the existing systems, some operating hiccups may occur. Such obstacles in the working routine can cause discomfort for the employees to work alongside such remote employee software. In some cases, the systems slow down and adversely affect the employees’ productivity due to the background operation of the productivity management tools.

Advantages of employee monitoring software

• Robust Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

If organizations choose employee monitoring software wisely, it can also work as an effective tool against cyber-attacks and staff tracking. Such employee monitoring technology like RemoteDesk has an in-built capability to prevent users from accessing prohibited and potentially risky websites and links. This preventive measure can save the organization from many such dangerous events of cyber attacks

• Effective Conflict Avoidance

Sometimes having an intelligent employee monitoring tool can help resolve employee conflicts, and solutions such as RemoteDesk can come with role-specific accesses for respective employees of the organization. Here the organization can quickly figure out which employee undertook which task, and in case of any goof, proper accountability determination is possible, and staff tracking can take place efficiently. 

• Helps in Efficient Employee Recognition

In the current scenario, when many organizations have actively adopted remote work patterns, recognizing employee efforts becomes challenging alongside staff tracking applications. This limitation can become a demotivating factor for remote employees. However, with staff monitoring software, managers can quantify employee productivity and recognize their efforts accordingly. 

• Smart Management of Workload Distribution

Inequality in the distribution of work is not a new problem in the corporate structure. Staff monitoring solutions can come to the rescue to manage such situations of staff tracking. Employee Management Software can allot and monitor if the workforce has a reasonable workload, and if any resource is overburdened with work can be saved from the situation. Work goals can be well decided and divided for efficient productivity generation. 

• Clarity in Accountability

Market leader products like RemoteDesk have a handy feature. Their system allows different organization resources to have different access rights for data stored in the systems. These roles are defined using the staff monitoring software to create a safer remote work environment. Using such a feature can reduce the risk of insider data and security breaches.

• Productivity Measurement

One fundamental psychological reason to use the staff monitoring software is that every remotely working resource will also need to perform his duties diligently and feel that they are under continuous supervision. Many people perform better when they know that a staff tracking system is in place, and having the compulsion to work for the stipulated hours on their work system can be a huge factor in driving them to do better.

• Organizational Transparency

Having an employee monitoring tool to track and monitor employees can bring a significant amount of transparency to the reward and recognition system of the organization. Employees can get a fair evaluation of their actual efforts, and rewards can have better authenticity in the employees’ minds. 

Summing Up: Yes or No

A careful evaluation of these points will conclude that innovative and fair processes can defeat every disadvantage of staff tracking software. A positive outlook must be cultivated around the staff monitoring mechanism to create a fruitful and productive outcome. Before implementing the productivity monitoring software, the workforce should be aware of the macro level benefits of the same and must come on the same page as the management. The employees may positively participate in this mutually beneficial process and make the employee activity monitoring software a success story.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.