Here are the top 5 tools to improve enterprise productivity in 2022

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Productivity isn’t something that happens by chance. It is always the product of a dedication to quality, astute preparation, and unwavering work. We’d like to add another factor that is assisting people in being more productive: productivity applications.

As times have grown increasingly competitive, it makes sense to enlist the assistance of a variety of productivity solutions nowadays. We live in a time where time is more valuable than money. This is much more important for business owners. The bigger the benefits for their firm, the faster they can satisfy their customers’ requests. But what helps service delivery go more quickly and without sacrificing quality?

The solution is to develop and nurture a productive staff. The greater the level of service provided by your personnel, the more productive they are. It needs more than an employee’s technical and soft talents to work successfully in less time. They must manage their workloads, plan intelligently for each allotted job, and avoid distractions to stay on top of critical assignments. This is where productivity tools, whether large or little, may be a game-changer in today’s high-demand work culture.


Mastering Enterprise Productivity covers four areas: workforce management, process digitization, asset management, and enterprise service management.

The words ‘enterprise productivity,’ ‘organizational productivity,’ and ‘enterprise performance’ are sometimes used interchangeably. Every company defines corporate productivity differently, and while there is no universal definition, the idea is easy to grasp. Enterprise productivity, according to some firms, centers around efficiency and working smarter. Others argue that it refers to the long-term value created by effectively balancing rising profitability with optimal asset use.

It makes no difference how you define enterprise productivity. What important is that you ask yourself this one question: What work at my firm adds value?

It’s all too easy to focus on individual output. Your staff might be quite productive in terms of completing a large amount of their own work. Of course, none of this matter if the work they’re performing isn’t adding value to the organization. Don’t be like this billion-dollar IT business, who discover that 50% of their staff time – $200 million in yearly employee time — was spent engaging with partners, with no reference to their enterprise value. Find the correct balance between individual productivity and corporate productivity rather than squandering time and money.

If you’re unsure which ones to invest in for your company, here’s a list of the top 5 productivity tools that successful businesses make sure their employees have:


Utilizing productivity monitoring software allows administrators to analyze their employees' behavioral data to improve workflow efficiency

Begin by determining how cooperation might help your company’s business operations run more smoothly. You’ll be able to specify the exact collaboration tactics you need to design once you describe how collaboration will minimize effort and boost access to information.

In a nutshell, be sure that the collaboration tools you’re considering are compatible with your company’s requirements. Employees must be aware of the strategy that drives corporate objectives such as cooperation. They feel more at ease utilizing the collaboration tools now that they have this knowledge.  They know how much information they can share using the platforms.


A daily average of 347 billion emails is estimated to be sent online. Emails are still the most common way for peers to connect with one another and in groups in formal settings. An employee spends a large amount of time daily opening and replying to emails. However, just a tiny percentage of the emails that an employee receives in a day may demand immediate attention or action on their part.

Employees will be able to filter out critical emails more efficiently and prioritize answers based on the severity of the content in each email with the help of a smart email management tool. Mails aggregate and split into folders using sophisticated filters, allowing higher priority mails to be readily discovered and responded to first, while others can wait in a priority queue for subsequent answers.


If they want to consider a long career with you, today’s working environment includes a huge population of millennials that desire a highly engaged work culture. This necessitates the implementation of a social infrastructure that allows everyone in your business to connect with one another, stay informed about events and happenings at work, arrange team-building or interactive sessions, and cooperate successfully in the workplace. This is exactly what today’s intranet solutions provide for businesses.

For intra-organizational interactions, you’ll need to implement a social media-inspired platform. An intranet allows your employees to form a community where they can discuss and learn about everything relating to business or life in general. Intranets enable employees to identify peers with similar interests.  They can create subgroups or forums for topic-related discussions, conduct one-on-one talks via instant messaging, and increase general communication by building better social dialogues around a wide range of themes. The potential that will be awakened is enormous. Providing the correct set of digital tools for employees to handle their job efficiently is critical to creating a productive workforce today.


Tracking with Productivity Monitoring Software - Remotedesk

Companies need people from diverse streams, especially in fast-paced corporate contexts to join together and produce solutions for demanding client scenarios. This necessitates robust collaboration channels that include creative meeting schedulers, video or audio conferencing and call solutions, remote file and media exchange capabilities, access-controlled storage, and virtual workspaces, among other features. By using such technologies, businesses may encourage their employees to unleash their creativity. This occurs regardless of geographical or time zone limitations, allowing individuals to manage their workloads, deal with dependencies, and maintain rigorous adherence to client service delivery requirements.


Why is communication important when managing remote teams?

A task management tool is one of the most important tools for any workforce to be productive. Task management systems perform a wide range of tasks in an office environment, from making a ‘To do’ list to allocating responsibilities and roles to those working on a project. It enables employees to stick to their deadlines and work on several things at the same time without losing sight of particular tasks and objectives.

How RemoteDesk helps supervisors gauge employee productivity

How remote employee monitoring works · Your team downloads the app. The Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook apps, and the Chrome

Managers can also shift workers between projects or jobs to maximize their efficiency and production. Having a highly adaptable task management platform allows firms to get the most out of cooperation. Also, when appropriate, reward workers for their additional efforts.


When employees arrive at work each day, one of the first things they do is check their calendars. They scout for any significant meetings or activities, scheduled for the day or soon. Smart solutions that remind users about calendar events that they should pay attention to in the near future are a must-have in terms of productivity. Additionally, if your company has remote working practices, it should be simple for them to plan meetings on the go with colleagues who may be in the same office, in a different city, or from anywhere in the globe.

The calendar management tool should be able to handle time zone differences and block time for participants accordingly. It also checks for dependencies with other schedules and manage a variety of other elements to guarantee that everyone is accessible for crucial meetings. Furthermore, these solutions should allow workers to view their schedules from whatever device they use, whether it’s their phones, computers, or laptops, whether they’re at work or at home.


Employee engagement software is a subset of application programs for businesses to boost employee job satisfaction and retain top talent. The idea is to enable employees to become involved in their company’s mission and culture. This allows them to be more productive and effective. The majority of current employee engagement software is managed by human resource departments and marketed as software as a service on a subscription basis. Workforce engagement software is another name for this sort of software.


Top Tips for More Effective Remote Employee Training

In today’s business world, corporate agility is a critical component of being competitive. Enterprise cooperation may assist your company in maintaining or improving its competitive advantage. As a result, collaboration platforms and technologies, as well as their implementation, should be at the top of your priority list.

  •   Infrastructure for customized corporate communication security
  •   Integrations of voice, video, and data on unique platforms
  •   Collaboration apps are fully integrated with any device, at any time and in any location.
  •   Design and execution of solutions are available24/7/365, services that are managed
  •   Real people, right here in town, who are eager to assist!

The bottom line

The keys to establishing a highly productive employee are to hire the proper people for each job. Also, to eliminate any factors that may make an employee feel uneasy at work. In this day and age, technology is a method of easing the difficulties we confront on a daily basis.

Digital revolutions have swept the globe, reducing procedures, and increasing revenue benefits for contemporary enterprises. However, success is mostly determined by the performance of the workforce. A successful entrepreneur is always ready to give the greatest tools and assistance to increase their staff’s productivity.

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