Indian Work From Home Drive Takes off Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

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Work from home now a necessity amidst coronavirus Lockdown.

The work from home pipe dream is finally being realized on a global scale due to the coronavirus pandemic. India, being in the 2nd phase of the novel Covid-19 outbreak, has led the fight against community transmission with remote work. Because of growing travel restrictions and strict social distancing norms, more and more companies are embracing the work from home culture for business continuity.

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IT companies expand their remote workforce

Daily life in major cities has come to a grinding halt as millions of people experience total lockdown until further notice. As a result, software technology parks have issued advisories to their workers, enabling nearly 3 million IT employees to work from home. Employees from other sectors, like startups, hospitality, education, and travel and tourism, have also been asked to work remotely. 

Indian tech firms have already moved a large chunk of their work to home offices to power through the crisis. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has allowed more than 40% of its employees to work remotely. Accenture, on the other hand, has asked over 60% of its workforce to work from home. 

Dr. Sridhar Mitta, former CTO of Wipro, firmly believes that the move could turn out to be a tipping point for the Indian IT industry.

Over time, even if 20% of the work can be done from home, it would mean over one million people not needing to commute to an office daily, with the option of working from any city they choose to.

Dr. Sridhar Mitta, Former CTO of Wipro Tweet

Boost Employee productivity with Remotedesk

However, the question of accountability and employee productivity always comes up when remote working is concerned. The lack of network infrastructure, compliance hurdles, and productivity tools are significant setbacks to work from home (WFH). Besides, most remote workforce management systems are designed to accomodate only 10-15 employees, making scalability another big issue. Remotedesk, a US-based remote employee monitoring software company is nonetheless changing this.

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Remotedesk is an AI-based software that securely monitors teleworkers while providing clear transparency, accountability, work-at-home policy compliance, and risk management for outsourcing initiatives. It also doubles as a business continuity management software that prevents malicious insider breaches and delivers a “Clean Desk” environment to facilitate remote work. 

For employers:

  • Verify the identity of your remote employees with multi-factor biometric authentication upon entry, and facial recognition throughout. 
  • Detect illicit behavior by tracking web activity and keystrokes (i.e. copy/paste, print-screen, etc.), and monitoring their workspace.
  • Identify patterns of misconduct with flagged reports of compliance infractions, complete with screenshot evidence & time-stamped video playback. 
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With the remarkable work from home experiment gradually gaining momentum, professionals are finding a new work-life balance despite technological and infrastructure contraints. With Remotedesk, all they have to do is press a button to experience a truly safe and secure remote work environment.

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RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.