Remotedesk is a self inspiring software for remote employees, here’s why.

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Imagine you’re at work and the takeaway you had for lunch is slowly taking a toll on your eyes. You’re craving for a 20-minute power nap but your office has a strict code of conduct. Your productivity takes a hit with every yawn and you eventually end up being distracted. You think to yourself, “If only there was a way to duck off for a half-hour nap!”. Actually, there is a way to do exactly that. Remote working lets you enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere and the flexibility to adjust your work to your life, rather than the other way round. 

Boost your productivity working remotely

If the conventional office work approach grinds your gears, working remotely will surely make you reconsider your options. As Alina Heim, Writer, digital nomad, rightly puts it, “Having the flexibility to work out of your home, your favorite cafe, or even an airport (provided they have the Holy Grail that is free wifi) is a workplace game-changer.” With RemoteDesk, remote employees can choose where they live and how they work. Above all, it is a self inspiring tool that improves the productivity of remote workers. The employee dashboard gives an overall analysis of the time spent working, on which tasks, and the number of breaks taken in comparison with the team average- all this from the comfort of your home. 

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Save on babysitting costs using Remotedesk

In a 9-to-5, time-bound office environment, you usually have to overlook any unexpected holidays or family emergencies. Perhaps you’re a parent who has to attend a parent-teacher meeting or take your child to the doctor. Juggling your personal life with work can be especially exhausting when you have kids. Using remotedesk, parents can have a full-fledged career working remotely and succeed at parenting without ever stepping foot into an actual office. 

Say goodbye to commuting cost with remote work

An average American spends almost 9 days per year on commuting alone! Remote work can save you a shocking 200 hours/yr if done correctly. Moreover, a report from Global Workplace Analytics suggests that remote employees save approximately $2000 a year on commuting based expenses. 

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Through Remotedesk, remote employees can work for 8 hours at a stretch or in 2 shifts of 4 hours or 4 shifts of 2 hours. They can complete their 8-9 hour shifts while accommodating for bank chores, taking up hobbies, attending productivity conferences and so on. According to research by the Americal Psychology Association, “Employee control over work can reduce stress and enhance motivation and growth.” After all, is a happy employee is a productive employee! 

So, strike a conversation with your HR or boss and let them know about the benefits of working remotely. With a robust remote monitoring solution like Remotedesk, you and your employer can securely transition to an efficient remote workplace.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.