RemoteDesk’s Employee Tracking Roadmap!

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How much intrusion is too much intrusion? It is not at all surprising to believe that remote monitoring or employee tracking is entirely non-intrusive. The name itself is self-explanatory but still perceived in different ways. To control the spurt in the number of Coronavirus cases, organizations have entirely switched to remote working. And now, nearly 80% of the population has adopted the new routine of working from home. However, this marked transformation has compelled businesses to revise their policies and realize that they will be in it for the long haul. 

According to Verizon Research, 58% of healthcare PHI data breaches came from insiders. Employee monitoring could potentially prevent data breaches by constantly keeping a check on employee errors and correcting them immediately. 

Here’s How RemoteDesk Aims To Track Remote Employees.

Remotedesk is Employee Monitoring Software with Screenshots, Keystrokes, GPS, URL & Apps Tracking also remote employee time tracking

How RemoteDesk Makes Employee Tracking Transparent

Remotedesk, the best employee tracking software, keeps a close eye on how many breaks a remote employee takes. It monitors and records any suspicious activities like speaking on the phone, eating something, or just talking to a person in the room. By tracking billable hours of an employee, RemoteDesk ensures that maximum input comes from a particular team member in a day.

First Things First, No Meddling In!

Remotedesk is a time tracking real time monitoring time sheets and task tracking helps you manage remotely. Stafftimerapp best time monitoring app comes with real time monitoring task tracking.

A lot of employees may feel icky about the fact that their supervisors are constantly monitoring them. Keeping in mind the importance of privacy, RemoteDesk makes employee tracking transparent and non-intrusive. With Remotedesk’s time tracking application, Managers can track remote workers without interrupting their work. Its non-intrusive user interface makes tracking hours a seamless process, ensuring a clean desk office-like environment. 

Tracking Billable Hours Of An Employee Is Key

RemoteDesk is Fully Automatic Time Tracking. Make Sure Employees Deliver Their Full Hours. Track Tasks, and Projects. Stealth Mode.

Companies can ensure performance transparency by actively tracking billable hours. The time tracking tool lets you record the productive and unproductive hours of a remote worker. Additionally, employees can be held accountable for their work with justified proof.

Active time: This is the time an employee spends daily on their computer. Irrespective of the type of work, a monitoring software tracks keystrokes, mouse movements, and other online activity as active time. 

Idle time: Refers to the time employees are away from their computers. For example, coffee breaks, meetings, and other work where your computer is left idle.

Configurable As Per The Role/Job

Every role demands a different set of responsibilities. And RemoteDesk as an application makes it easier for each department in an organization. For example, if the employee’s job responsibilities involve spending time on digital media platforms, the app will consider that time as productive and not unprofitable. Thus, the application is configurable according to the company’s requirement, making employee tracking utmost transparent and adaptable.

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In a nutshell, RemoteDesk aims to build a gateway of trust and transparency, which thousands of employees appreciate. Over the years, RemoteDesk has helped various industries gain the required trust from an employee by making their employee monitoring process smooth, secure, and efficient. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.