Time Tracking Remote Employees The Right Way

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Keeping tabs with time tracking software

Remote project management jobs are soon becoming the new normal. This paradigm shift has enabled companies to appoint remote workers on a large scale. However, to achieve accountability and transparency between remote teams, time tracking is an absolute must. Keeping track of a remote employee’s work schedule is a challenge in itself, let alone quantifying their productivity. Hence, time tracker software is a sought after tool for tracking employee hours and harmonizing managerial tasks. 

From an employer standpoint, remote monitoring is the best option for tracking hours and employee performance. Remotedesk was designed and developed for this very reason. It lets you make smarter decisions with real-time data, not guesswork, and what’s better than a time tracker software that uses AI and machine learning?

Remotedesk as a time tracking application

Efficient productivity tool–

Increase employee productivity with remotedesk's time tracking software and productivity tool

Remotedesk keeps a close eye on how many breaks a virtual worker takes. It also monitors and records any miscellaneous activities like speaking on the phone, eating something, or just talking to a person in the room. By tracking hours, employees can take queues from the dashboard to improve their productivity. 

Non-intrusive time tracking–

The perception of privacy is an essential factor while tracking hours for work. With Remotedesk’s time tracking application, Managers can track remote workers without interrupting their work. Its non-intrusive user interface makes tracking hours a seamless process. All the employee has to do is work the way they do in an office. 

Ease of use–

Unlike many employee time tracker software out there, Remotedesk creates a neat summary of time infractions for further review. This not only saves the manager’s time but also provides a comprehensive outline of a remote worker’s actual working hours. 

Audit billable hours–

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Companies can ensure performance transparency by actively tracking billable hours. The time tracking tool lets you record productive hours and charge clients accordingly. Additionally, employees can be held accountable for their work with justified proof.

Final comments

The average remote worker faces a lot of distractions while working from remote locations, and not all virtual employees are motivated to work for eight hours straight. In such cases, a time tracking software like Remotedesk can be an integral part of a company’s monitoring framework. Not only does it bring confidence within an organization, but it also empowers remote teams to become more productive and responsible.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.