Want To Gauge Employee Productivity? RemoteDesk Is Here To Help!

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Productivity is something that comes from within. And in today’s time, we consider ’employee productivity’ as a parameter to evaluate what one is delivering. Over the years, the remote work phenomenon has evolved drastically. Consequently, the business community witnessed a spurt in the field of online workers, digital nomads, and in common words, freelancers. 

user activity monitoring software hiring remote workers they work from anywhere with the help of remotedesk remote monitoring software

As far back as 2017, the Freelancers Union, in partnership with Upwork, projected that most of the U.S. workforce would be freelancing by 2027. This is because working from a physical location might reap benefits in the knowledge economy, but the output achieved through a digital process will go a long way. 

Key Elements To Achieve Improved Employee Productivity:

Employee Engagement Leads To Higher Productivity

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Annual reviews and timely surveys don’t suffice for gauging engagement. Managers need to understand the right role that fits their workforce when working remotely. This process will help each remote worker perform in a dedicated manner, thus assisting managers to gain the required output.

Once the employee is motivated, it becomes smooth sailing!

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The ability to garner targeted results comes with motivation. And therefore, it is essential to value employees’ effort and offer salary incentives. It is also vital to involve employees in projects to help them gain confidence and feel like an integral part of the company. 

Set Crystal Clear Goals

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Considering that we have fewer physical meeting opportunities, managers must communicate clearly about what they expect of their employees. With predetermined goals, managers can easily monitor employee productivity

Install An Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Employee Monitoring Software Best Employee Monitoring Software for Productive Enable Your Organization to Work from Home with Employee Productivity Tracking Software. Real-time Productivity Monitoring.

In the current remote workspace scenario, it gets difficult for a single manager to track the team’s productivity. As a result, organizations are finding it strenuous to assess the company’s outcome as a whole. And thus, companies are now preferring a robust employee monitoring system that will help them gain desired results. 

RemoteDesk – A Must-Have Productivity Measurement Tool

Remotedesk, an employee monitoring software, keeps a close eye on how many breaks a virtual worker takes. It also monitors and records violations or suspicious activities like taking a picture, conversing with someone else in the room, or spending hours on social media.

Employee tracking with a non-invasive approach

With RemoteDesk’s time tracking application, managers can track remote workers without interrupting their work. Its non-intrusive user interface makes tracking hours a seamless process. 

Helps track billable hours

The time tracking tool lets you record productive hours of a remote workforce. It helps managers understand the active and idle hours of an employee. 

RemoteDesk Is Helping The Industries Grow!

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RemoteDesk’s multi-layered time tracking feature utilizes AI and machine learning to detect and record instances of productive and unproductive hours. It brings accountability within the organization as well as empowers workers to be more productive and responsible. And therefore, RemoteDesk application is transforming the workspace with digital breakthroughs that help the market prosper. 

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.