Enjoy a productive remote work trip with RemoteDesk

remote work trip with RemoteDesk

As we all know, it has been almost a year into the global pandemic and the work from home routine. The pandemic has indeed been a pivot point for many organizations, taking significant steps in changing their pre-pandemic work policies. From flexible work models to virtual infrastructure and remote work software, we observed a massive […]

Online Tools That Help You Measure Remote Work Efficiency

Remotedesk is an online employee moniotring software that is trusted by hundreds of remote teams to bring everything at one place. Remote worker

2020 has completely changed the working culture and dynamics around the world.  Under these circumstances, many companies have decentralized their working environment with massive adoption (enthusiastically or grudgingly) of working remotely.  The rise of remote work poses a challenge to business owners. The main one being: how to measure the remote employees’ work efficiency and […]