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An Indian Consulting Firm Boosts Productivity and Data Security with Remotedesk, Saving 2% in Operational Costs with RemoteDesk.

May 15, 2024


Excelra’s smart AI/ML predictive engine harnesses high-throughput screening data, enabling the discovery of ideal drug candidates across any indication with high speed and accuracy. Engaged with a systems perspective, Excelra provides deep biological insights and cost-effectively accelerates drug development.

Problem statement:

Excelra enables outcome-based market access strategies through solutions, including pharmacoeconomic modeling, to demonstrate the effectiveness and frame the healthcare dialogue with critical stakeholders. As a result, mining Real-World Data (RWD) is a must to build market forecast models to uncover population patterns of health and disease. Here comes the biggest challenge of protecting such sensitive data against likely thefts.

How did Remotedesk resolve it?

Remotedesk’s real-time monitoring of remote workforce helps leverage data protection and security of PII at all costs. Its facial and desktop recognition feature helps find loopholes such as suspicious activity, imposter violation, or desktop screen capture. As a result, healthcare industries rest assured with the safety of their data in a remote working environment.


Helping Them PROTECT Lives: Healthcare Industry And RemoteDesk

Once RemoteDesk was implemented, healthcare companies quickly identified agents breaching compliance policies. After the first two weeks, the administration notified all remote workers of proper clean desk protocol, which resulted in a drop in the number of data breaches from 4.7 incidents/day to .23 incidents/day.

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