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An Indian Consulting Firm Boosts Productivity and Data Security with Remotedesk, Saving 2% in Operational Costs with RemoteDesk.

May 15, 2024


A leading Fortune 100 financial services organization, that is the leading provider of financial services in the academic, research, medical, cultural, and governmental fields with a significant portion of its workforce operating remotely. With the rise in remote work, the company faced challenges in verifying the continuous identity of remote employees, ensuring operational efficiency in their contact center business, and detecting non-compliance activities that could compromise sensitive data. To address these challenges, the company implemented a cutting-edge tool called “RemoteDesk” designed to tackle these issues and enhance security measures.

At A Glance

  • Remote Employee Verification
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance


The insurance company implemented RemoteDesk, an innovative tool that combined biometric verification, behavior analytics, and advanced AI algorithms to address the identified challenges

  1. Continuous Identity Verification: RemoteDesk uses biometric authentication methods such as facial recognition to ensure the continuous identity verification of remote employees. The tool is integrated into the company’s working portal with an active directory and prompts employees to verify their identity. An AI algorithm verifies the employees continuously throughout the working session.
  2. Non-Compliance Activity Detection: RemoteDesk employs AI-driven behavior analytics to detect suspicious activities in the remote user environment. It continuously monitors employees’ device usage and behaviors to identify potential anomalies. Additionally, the tool leverages image recognition technology to detect if an employee is using their mobile phone to take pictures of their screen or any confidential documents, which could indicate potential data breach attempts.


  1. Improved Employee Accountability: Continuous identity verification created a strong sense of responsibility among remote employees, ensuring that only authorized personnel had access to sensitive data and systems.
  2. Compliance Regulation: RemoteDesk successfully detected several instances of potential non-compliance activities, such as unauthorized access attempts and suspicious screen capture attempts. This enabled prompt investigation and corrective actions to maintain data security.

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