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An Indian Consulting Firm Boosts Productivity and Data Security with Remotedesk, Saving 2% in Operational Costs with RemoteDesk.

May 15, 2024


In this case study, we will explore how an Indian multinational information technology services company, operating across 90 countries, provides content moderation and platform safety services to a leading American video game company. To achieve effective content moderation, the Indian multinational utilizes “RemoteDesk,” a continuous facial verification and desktop recording tool that captures the activities of remote employees responsible for moderating content on behalf of the American video game company. The implementation of RemoteDesk helps the Indian multinational validate the audit process followed by their remote employees during content moderation activities.

Business Context

A leading American video game company with an expansive user base recognized the need for a robust content moderation system to filter out offensive, harmful, and inappropriate content as the volume of user-generated content increased significantly. To address this critical requirement, the American video game company partnered with an Indian multinational, a reputable BPO organization specializing in content moderation and platform safety services. Its expertise in handling content moderation at scale made them the ideal partner to ensure a secure gaming environment for gaming users.


  • Develop a comprehensive content moderation solution to safeguard the online gaming community and maintain its reputation as a safe gaming platform.
  • Implement RemoteDesk to monitor and capture the activities of remote employees involved in content moderation, ensuring compliance with moderation guidelines and policies.
  • Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of content moderation to promptly identify and remove offensive and harmful content.
  • Validate the content moderation process by auditing remote employees’ activities through desktop recording, ensuring consistency and adherence to best practices.

Tool Implementation: RemoteDesk

The Indian multinational integrated RemoteDesk into its content moderation workflow to facilitate effective desktop recording and activity monitoring of remote employees. RemoteDesk’s features and functionalities were leveraged to ensure secure and seamless data capture during content moderation activities.

  • Secure Desktop Recording: RemoteDesk provided a secure and encrypted method to record the desktop activities of remote employees during content moderation. The tool captured the screen, keyboard, and mouse inputs in real time, ensuring an accurate representation of the moderation process.
  • User Activity Monitoring: RemoteDesk allowed supervisors and administrators at the Indian multinational to monitor remote employees’ activity logs, ensuring compliance with moderation guidelines and company policies.
  • Real-time Alerts and Productivity Measurement: RemoteDesk’s advanced monitoring capabilities enabled the Indian multinational to set productivity benchmarks and receive real-time alerts if employees deviated from the established guidelines or exhibited suspicious behavior.
  • Reporting and Audit Trail: RemoteDesk generated detailed reports and audit trails of all moderation activities, providing an essential tool for validation, transparency, and quality assurance.


The implementation of RemoteDesk had a significant impact on the content moderation process carried out by the Indian multinational for the American Video Gaming Company.

  • Enhanced Moderation Accuracy: RemoteDesk’s desktop recording feature ensured that content moderation decisions were accurate and aligned with American Gaming moderation policies, improving the platform’s ability to filter out offensive and harmful content effectively.
  • Improved Efficiency and Response Time: The real-time monitoring capabilities of RemoteDesk allowed the Indian multinational to identify potential issues quickly, leading to faster response times in addressing moderation concerns and maintaining a safer gaming environment.
  • Validation and Quality Assurance: RemoteDesk’s audit trail and reporting capabilities facilitated thorough validation and quality assurance of the moderation process, assuring the American video company that content moderation was conducted diligently and in compliance with industry standards.
  • User Trust and Platform Reputation: With the Indian multinational’s commitment to platform safety and effective content moderation through RemoteDesk, American video gaming users felt more secure and engaged positively with the gaming platform, bolstering its reputation as a reliable and responsible gaming community.


The integration of RemoteDesk into the Indian multinational content moderation process proved instrumental in delivering effective platform safety services to an American Video Gaming company. By capturing the desktop activities of remote employees during content moderation, RemoteDesk ensured the validity and accuracy of the moderation process. As a result, the American Video Gaming company maintained its status as a leading American video game company with a thriving and secure gaming platform, fostering trust and loyalty among its vast user base.

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