Facial recognition technology for attendance is moving beyond corporate offices to factories and warehouses in remote locations. Capturing employees' time and attendance is a major HR concern in every company with the help of remotedesk

Real Time Face Verification

Verify the identity of your remote employees in real time and eliminate the need for physical intervention with smart facial verification.

A compliance breach occurs when there is a failure to comply with established Rules, Policies, Procedures or Guidelines. Avoid this use remotedesk

Identify Compliance Breaches

Empower HR to better execute policies by recreating a office-like environment and enforcing compliance to preserve integrity of employees.

Remotedesk allow employees' social media usage, emails sent and received, internet usage and history

Social Media Monitoring

Track/control employee access to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn by recording the time spent on these sites.

Remotedesk: Application Monitoring. Track application usage. Whitelist or blacklist app

Whitelisting App

Whitelist/blacklist apps to ensure an employee complies to the remote compliance policies set by HRs and managers.

The Remotedesk software allows you to record video of employee activity at the computer and playback the history of actions on employee monitors.

Audio Capture

Remotedesk implements AI to detect and flag any audio violations like background noise, music, unauthorized phone calls or conversations

Benefits of using Applications Manager's virtual machine monitor: Ensure high uptime and peak performance of the VMs in the virtual servers. with remotedesk

Virtual Machine Detection

Remotedesk automatically detects 303 pre-defined virtual machines to prevent the risk of session sharing and data breaches.

Stealth Monitoring. Productivity Monitoring. You can track the productivity of all the employees by analyzing the charts that show their workflow. Remotedesk

Stealth App Detection

Remotedesk scans and detects apps disguised as potential spywares, malwares, viruses, keyloggers and screen readers to avoid data breaches.

System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Detect unauthorized external devices (secondary screen, camera, USB drives, etc) and applications with a comprehensive 7-point system check.

with Remotedesk employee monitoring software. See work in progress with optional screenshots. Track app and URL activity.

URL Tracking

Deter your remote employees from accessing unproductive or restricted websites by tracking and logging their URL activity.

Remotedesk allow room scan; turning your web camera in a 360-degree pan to look at the room.

Room Scan Via Mobile Application

Add an extra layer of security with Remotedesk’s mobile app. Conduct a 360° room scan to ensure a clean desk, remote work environment.

Remotedesk was implemented, call center management quickly identified agents breaching compliance policies

Manage Remote Agent Compliance

Identifies various levels of policy violations and misconducts based on guidelines set by the corporation or managers.

Prohibit Multiple Moniters with remotedesk

Prohiibit Multiple/External Monitor

Remotedesk detects multiple or external monitors connected to an employee’s device, allowing the session to begin only when it is disconnected.

Remotedesk Pre-Flagged Video Report with Screenshot Flagging and screenshot redaction enabled.

Pre-flagged Video Report

Efficiently review policy violations within 48 hours of a session, review pre-flagged infractions delivered in context.

Online and Offline Tracking: Remotedesk Agent monitors activity and enforces admin policies and rules even when the user is offline

Online and Offline Tracking

Remotedesk implements AI to monitor and ensure policy compliance even when the employee is offline.

remote workers, it's more important than ever for IT admins to monitor performance and user experience

Seamless User Experience

Easily integrate into your VDIs, VPNs, extranets and other workflows with support for all major browsers and operating systems.

Instant Communications, Messaging Monitoring with the help of remotedesk

Instant Communications

Provide timely feedback on employee behavior with live chat and real-time notifications.

Keystroke monitoring is the use of surveillance software to track, capture, record and log all keyboard activity by a user or employee whether into web browsers, instant messages, e-mails, applications, documents and programs use remotedesk

Keystroke Monitoring

Full keystroke and copy/paste logging. Alert on malicious keystrokes. Full recording of both invisible and hidden characters.

Live Screen, Web, Keystrokes, Prints, Most Feature Rich Desktop Monitoring Software with remotedesk

Desktop Monitoring

Track productive and unporoductive employee activity at the desktop level with Remotedesk’s high load processing desktop monitoring.

Live View & History Playback use remotedesk

Live View & History Playback

Remotedesk allows you to view the live desktop of a connected employee and if needed, lets you lock their system to prevent any malicious activity.

Remotedesk providing ID scanning for security solutions, age verification and data automation. We provide ID scanning hardware and software systems.

ID Scan

A simple ID scan ensures that only authorised agents get access to sensitive information. Hold the ID in front of the camera and you’re in.

Remotedesk is building the Facial Id Verification standard for the internet. We let your users verify their identity anywhere, anytime

Facial ID Verification

Remotedesk knows what you look like. Secure the identity and privacy of your remote employees with automated Facial ID Verification

Remotedesk Online Face Verification in Real Time via Highly Accurate AI-Based Facial Recognition Software Shufti Pro Face Verification Tracks.

Facial Confirmation

Remotedesk’s conituous facial confirmation ensures throughout entire work session. Automatically pause session if imposter detected.

Remotedesk is a employee monitoring tool that offers comprehensive data gathering, great reporting, automated incident response, and powerful screen capture.

Desktop Screen capture

Remotedesk can take screenshots of users’ computer screens every few minutes as well as offering insight into mouse and keyboard activity levels.

A decade in the DLP landscape. On-premise full Data Loss Prevention for Enterprise & SMBs. DLP for Enterprise & SMBs. Available as hardware & virtual appliance, or as cloud with help of remotedesk

Detect And Prevent Data Loss

Prevent the risk of malicious insider breaches and loss of sensitive data by implementing a secure remote access policy for documents.

Remotedesk takes intermittent screenshots of a team member's computer screen

Intermittent Desktop Screen-shots

Remotedesk captures high value intermittent screenshots of employee desktop as a way to evaluate infractions in post review by HR/managers.

Web and App Usage Report that breaks down an employee's work activity with the help of remotedesk

Web and App Usage

Track the apps and websites employees use during work hours.

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Remotedesk delivers remote worker management, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.