Remotedesk obtains high-value identity authentication and verifies the compliance of your remote workforce

On-demand monitoring

You can configure multiple evaluation parameters and monitor infractions from anywhere and at any time.

Pre-flagged video report

Efficiently review policy violations within 48 hours of a session, review pre-flagged infractions delivered in context.

Seamless user experience

Easily integrate into your VDIs and extranets, with support for all major browsers and operating systems.

Online and Offline Tracking

Remotedesk implements AI to monitor and ensure policy compliance even when the employee is offline.

Audit billable hours

Ensure performance transparency by actively tracking billable hours. Record productive hours and charge clients accordingly.

Track copy/print screens

Features like screenshots, printing, and copying can be enabled or disabled depending on the type of work.

Multi-form factor authentication

3-point identity verification (Facial Scan, ID Scan, and Knuckle Scan) and full system checks ensure a clean desk environment.

Continuous Identity Verification

Continuous facial recognition makes sure only authorized agents gain access to sensitive data.

Manage remote agent compliance

Identifies various levels of policy violations and misconducts based on guidelines set by the corporation or managers.

Live View & History Playback

Remotedesk allows you to view the live desktop of a connected employee and if needed, lets you lock their system to prevent any malicious activity

Safeguard sensitive client data

Prevent malicious insider breaches and implement a “Clean Desk” environment with secure data encryption.

Identify compliance breaches

Empower HR to better execute policies that can preserve the integrity of remote employees.

Admin dashboard

Algorithmic processing enables automated monitoring for policy-compliance at scale

Instant Communications

Provide timely feedback on employee behavior with live chat and real-time notifications.

Web and App Usage

See which websites and apps are being used

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Remotedesk delivers remote worker management, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.