How it works

Customize and Configure Environments

Customize and Configure Environments

Remotedesk works closely with HR, Manager, Legal and Compliance departments to understand their unique secure corporate office work day, and recreate it for the remote home office experience.

Employee Works Remotely and Securely

Increase your employer brand value and employee perks by empowering your employees with the flexibility to work from home. Confidential client data is encrypted & safeguarded.

Employee Works Remotely and Securely
Biometric Identification and Authentication

Biometric Identification and Authentication

The remote agent on-boards the Clean Desk Environment status by the Remotedesk 3-Point Identity Verification (Facial Scan, ID Scan, and Knuckle Scan) and Full System Check.

Review Flagged Agent Sessions and Reports

For the manager, Remotedesk automatically detects, sorts and records compliance infractions with screen-shot evidence & time-stamped video playback.

Review Flagged Agent Sessions and Reports

How it works (in a nutshell)

How it Works for Industries

Tech Requirements:

OPERATING SYSTEM MAC: OS 10.7 or higher PC: Windows 7,8 or higher
PROCESSOR/RAM MAC: Intel Processor, 8GB RAM PC: Dual core 2.4 Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM or better
RECOMMENDED WEB BROWSERS Mozilla Firefox v20.0 or higher, Google Chrome v20.0 or higher
PLUG-INS Javascript Enabled & Third Party Cookies Enabled
CAMERA RESOLUTION 800 x 600 resolution or better
INTERNET CONNECTION Cable Modem, DSL or better (300 kbps download, 250 kbps upload)

Note: Remotedesk does not support Mac models released in the year 2012 or before.

RemoteDesk delivers employee productivity, compliance enforcement, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management.