remotedesk secure for remote workforce

Worried about potential
compliance and security
risks while working from

RemoteDesk | Secure offers CIOs, Risk and Compliance Managers AI-based Identity Verification, Remote Employee Monitoring & Employee Engagement solutions for work-from-home (WFH) compliance and security.

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Top Features

Continuous Identity

RemoteDesk | Secure offers valid employee identity verification to prevent identity fraud or impostor violations in a remote work setup. Its elegant technology continually verifies the identities of employees, ensuring user authentication.

How RemoteDesk | Secure helps CIOs, Risk and Compliance Managers in managing remote teams:

  • Real-time notifications for potential compliance or security risks.
  • Protects against unauthorized user access to company, consumer and client information.
Employees Remotely. Identity verification solutions help you offer an immediate biometric identification and authentication
RemoteDesk detect anomalous computer use behavior by remote employees with a high degree of accuracy

Top Features

Anomaly Detection

RemoteDesk’s AI-powered technology automatically detects and records compliance infractions of remote employees, preventing remote workplace anomalies.

Manage your remote workforce by getting real-time alerts of suspicious employee behavior, including:

  • Shoulder surfing- detects the presence of malicious people around the user
  • Mobile camera detection
  • Imposter violation

Top Features

Screen redaction for
data protection

RemoteDesk | Secure leverages AI-enabled remote workforce management solutions to automate redactions of the screen for data protection purposes. In other words, it eliminates the manual element of keeping records of an employee’s activity throughout the day. The application automatically records, collects and sends reports to the supervisor’s ‘activity‘ dashboard.

RemoteDesk | Secure helps a manager:

  • Report the use of stealth apps, virtual machines, and more which can result in proprietary damages.
  • Get updates about the blackout screen when a user leaves the camera view for more than 30 seconds.
How to Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely
Hybrid & Remote Workforce Management Software - RemoteDesk

Top Features

management dashboard

RemoteDesk | Secure offers CIOs and risk managers compliance and remote workforce management solutions for an evidence-based review of potential data breaches.

The application provides confidence and transparency to the managers that WFH policies and federal compliance regulations are sincerely practiced.

RemoteDesk’s WFH compliance checklist provides:

  • Data loss prevention tips
  • A sustainable work-at-home culture
  • An automated employee monitoring solution
  • Risk management solution

Top Features

Employee Monitoring

RemoteDesk | Secure is a remote employee monitoring software that validates WFH compliance adherence. It ensures that monitoring is in session before you give access to your company material.

The application identifies and prevents malicious user behavior like data copy/paste attempts, screen capture, multiple monitor usage, and more Core OS configurations.

Why risk management officers should adopt RemoteDesk | Secure:

  • To validate and ensure that WFH policies and federal compliance regulations are practiced.
  • To prevent the risk of data theft/loss through automated AI-powered anomaly detection.
Remotedesk is easy to use employee monitoring software, helps employers monitor their employees computer activity and productivity

RemoteDesk | Secure Benefits


  • Remote workforce management.
  • Employee engagement solutions.
  • Validates WFH compliance.
  • Prevents the risk of data theft/loss.
  • AI-powered employee monitoring.


  • Prevent under-billing of your efforts.
  • Save time and money.
  • Develop a sustainable WFH culture.
  • Minimize administrative tasks.
remotedesk employee solution
remotedesk employer solution