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It is true that time is more valuable than money, especially in a corporate environment. RemoteDesk is solely designed to channelize workflow, leverage productivity, and manage a remote workforce, keeping in mind the importance of time.

Is Your Remote Workforce Stealing Time?

Time is indeed money, and nobody wants to make a compromise on that. A multinational company, say, IT-based giant, financial companies, or NBFCs (Non- Banking Financial Companies), healthcare, and advertising industries are key players in the market. These industries have a larger workforce and multiple offices across nations. To track thousands of remote workers operating in these industries becomes challenging, leading to increased employee time theft.

Employee Time theft often happens because of two reasons:

  • There are no systems in place to vet that employees are honest when filling out their timesheets.
  • Some forms of time theft are so subtle they are overlooked. For example, if an employee spends extra 5 minutes for a lunch break, returns to the office, and uses some work time to attend to personal needs like being on the phone with family members, inexperienced managers tend to overlook it. In some office settings, there is no way to know if your worker is spending time scrolling social media when they should be working.

How RemoteDesk Makes Time Tracking Feasible!

RemoteDesk, a proven software for identifying time theft, is transforming the business sector by the day. Its time tracking ability aims to tackle employee burnout, which is spiking up daily. Each industry has swerved into remote working, and thus, fails to observe challenges like time theft. 

RemoteDesk’s URL tracking ability and time tracking tool help detect and flag the number of hours a remote agent spends on restricted apps and websites. It further evaluates billable and non-billable hours of an employee, making the entire employee monitoring process hassle-free.

RemoteDesk's time tracking feature can:

  1. Record hours spent on social media platforms, OTT Platforms, shopping sites, or other restricted websites. 
  2. Track idle time spent on websites through URL tracking.
  3. Monitor the number of times a remote agent take breaks. 
  4. Helps remote agent complete their eight to nine-hour shift without hassles. 
  5. Enables keystroke monitoring and identifies malicious or deliberate keyloggers.




Remotedesk empowers institutions to adopt a remote-friendly work environment. Managers can track employee work time and imbibe a sense of accountability.

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With Remotedesk, contact centers can effectively manage their remote workforce with real-time monitoring. Detailed logs can help optimize sales

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Through remotedesk, remote attorneys can assess cases, manage digital content, share documents, collect and encrypt sensitive data without the constraints of location.

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RemoteDesk Time Tracking Tool Features:

prohibited devices

Prohibited Devices

RemoteDesk can detect the use of prohibited items such as mobile phones and cameras. Learn more

identity verification

Identity Verification

RemoteDesk is the only automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identities of remote agents. Learn more

Desktop Screencapture

Desktop Screencapture

Monitoring desktop activity is possible by way of intermittent desktop screenshots. Learn more

Stealth App Detection

Stealth App Detection

Remotedesk’s desktop monitoring ability helps scan and detect unauthorized apps like spyware, malware, viruses. Learn more

Url Tracking

Url Tracking

RemoteDesk tracks applications, links, and browsers visited by a remote agent during a session. Learn more

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

RemoteDesk monitors the number of breaks an agent takes during a session as well as idle time and keystroke dynamics. Learn more

Online & Offline Aid

Online & Offline Aid

Remotedesk implements AI to monitor and ensure policy compliance even when the employee is offline. Learn more

Prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration determine what behaviors are high risk i.e. copying files to external drives, using remotedesk

Data Copy Attempt

RemoteDesk detects actions such as data copy attempts and screenshot attempts to prevent data theft. Learn more

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