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Achieve Secure User Activity Monitoring With RemoteDesk!

user activity monitoring software hiring remote workers they work from anywhere with the help of remotedesk remote monitoring software

Remotedesk is designed and developed precisely for this reason. It lets you make smarter decisions with real-time data, not guesswork. And what’s better than a time tracker software that uses AI and machine learning?

RemoteDesk is an employee monitoring software that lessens the burden of employers bound up in a work-from-home environment. It is the world’s most advanced tracking tool that provides real-time surveillance of a remote agent.

Benefits that you get:

  1. Data Security 
  2. Improves Productivity
  3. Streamlines workflow 
  4. Prevents unauthorized login threats
  5. Tracks number of hours 
  6. Protects confidential information
  7. Mitigates the risks of insider threats
  8. Reduces employee time theft

How RemoteDesk works as a user activity monitoring tool and makes UAM simpler!

RemoteDesk tracks employee with a non-invasive approach –

With RemoteDesk’s time tracking application, managers can track remote workers without interrupting their work. Its non-intrusive user interface makes tracking hours a seamless yet secure process.

RemoteDesk helps measure billable hours –

The time tracking tool lets you record productive hours of a remote workforce. It helps managers understand the active and idle hours of an employee, providing calculated hours of a remote agent.

UAM through URL Tracking to capture employee time theft – 

RemoteDesk’s URL tracking ability helps track the time spent on restricted websites or applications, including shopping sites, entertainment or OTT platforms, social media platforms, etc. However, RemoteDesk is configurable as per the remote agent’s role. The application is customizable as per the department in an organization.

UAM through webcam monitoring –

RemoteDesk detects suspicious behavior of employees. It can flag if the employee is conversing with another person in the room or leaves the session, keeping the computer idle.

UAM through desktop monitoring – 

RemoteDesk also detects and flags data copy attempts, ensuring confidential data safety and security. It identifies patterns of misconduct with flagged reports of compliance infractions, complete with screenshot evidence & time-stamped video playback.

UAM through Keystroke monitoring –

RemoteDesk flags suspicious keyloggers, false or deliberate keystroke monitoring if the remote agent is sitting idle, and records hidden characters.




Remotedesk empowers institutions to adopt a remote-friendly work environment. Managers can track employee work time and imbibe a sense of accountability.

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With Remotedesk, contact centers can effectively manage their remote workforce with real-time monitoring. Detailed logs can help optimize sales

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Through remotedesk, remote attorneys can assess cases, manage digital content, share documents, collect and encrypt sensitive data without the constraints of location.

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RemoteDesk UAM Tool Features:

prohibited devices

Prohibited Devices

RemoteDesk can detect the use of prohibited items such as mobile phones and cameras. Learn more

identity verification

Identity Verification

RemoteDesk is the only automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identities of remote agents. Learn more

Desktop Screencapture

Desktop Screencapture

Monitoring desktop activity is possible by way of intermittent desktop screenshots. Learn more

Stealth App Detection

Stealth App Detection

Remotedesk’s desktop monitoring ability helps scan and detect unauthorized apps like spyware, malware, viruses. Learn more

Url Tracking

Url Tracking

RemoteDesk tracks applications, links, and browsers visited by a remote agent during a session. Learn more

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

RemoteDesk monitors the number of breaks an agent takes during a session as well as idle time and keystroke dynamics. Learn more

phone detection flag

Phone Detection Flag

RemoteDesk’s automated and AI technology makes managing remote teams easier while maintaining transparency and security. Learn more

Online & Offline Aid

Online & Offline Aid

Remotedesk implements AI to monitor and ensure policy compliance even when the employee is offline. Learn more
Dual Monitor Access

Dual Monitor Access

RemoteDesk can either prohibit or allow the use of multiple monitors depending on your organization’s policy. Learn more

RemoteDesk Helps You Keep A Watch!

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