Ediscovery Legal Firm Maintained Confidentiality With Remotedesk


Bicoastal Legal is an innovative legal workforce solutions company that brings together several proven technologies to enable secure, confidential, and rapidly scalable document review, mainly when cloud-based eDiscovery databases come into action. 

Bicoastal Legal helps clients access the most experienced and qualified attorneys anywhere in the U.S. by verifying reviewer identity continuously.

Problem statement:

Expedite the litigation and document review process by appointing remote attorneys on a large scale. The key challenge here was to track actual billable hours and streamline workflow while ensuring the highest level of data confidentiality.

How did Remotedesk resolve it?

With over 30,000 hours of secure monitoring, RemoteDesk has enabled the firm to create a pool of highly experienced attorneys, monitor their workdays, and inspect hours billed. RemoteDesk has also helped the firm to maintain confidentiality and quality in the laborious process of document review- all while realizing cost predictability and time management.


Helping Them Practice Result-Driven Law: Legal Firms And Remotedesk

RemoteDesk helped reduce labor costs while attorneys worked from home. Its continuous monitoring has today prevented overbilling and underbilling with actual time- stamped billable hours of workers, thus resulting in increased productivity by 20%. 

Remotedesk delivers remote worker management, while providing clear transparency, accountability & risk management for outsourcing initiatives.